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Myths About Marrying A Divorcee!

Are you marrying a divorced woman or a man? Then what is stopping you? Are your friends and family members stopping you because they have their own belief systems which tell them it's a bad decision?

They may ask "why marry a divorced woman when you can go for someone who is single?"

Well, the only things that should be the deciding factors are compatibility, love and chemistry. If the right things are in place and if you two click together, the past can be put aside. If taboos or myths are stopping you then read on to get liberated from such myths.


Myth #1: They Failed In A Relationship!

Wrong! You can view the same situation from a different perspective. He or she had the courage to walk out of a failed marriage! That is wisdom because staying in a dysfunctional relationship for too long is unhealthy.

So, your future partner who is a divorcee is not a failure. He or she is just waiting for the right relationship to happen in order to give their best.


Myth #2: They Have Children!

This myth isn't applicable if your future partner doesn't have a kid from the previous marriage. But even if he or she has a kid, you don't need to back off if you can have a dialogue with that kid and assess whether he or she can accept you as a parent without any friction.


Myth #3: They Might Not Think Twice To Apply For Divorce!!

This is a misconception. Just because a person has opted for divorce once it doesn't mean that he or she will always be ready to go to the court even for small issues.

In fact, imagine what he or she must have gone through. Imagine what made them take such a drastic step. Nobody would like to waste time in courts if enough love was there in their marriage!


Myth #4: They Are Selfish!

Deciding to choose peace isn't a selfish move. If you were in bad relationships even you would try to run away. Would you call yourself selfish for asking for peace at home? So, you can't judge someone and label them as selfish just because they are divorced. Study their overall behavior before calling them selfish.


Myth #5: They May Pick Up Fights!

No healthy person would want a fight on a daily basis. If your future partner who is a divorcee had fights in the past with his or her partner, it doesn't mean that even you have to face the heat. Try to study his or her personality before judging.


Myth #6: Social Issues May Crop Up!

Gone are those days. If you take a look at the creamy layer of the society or the educated class or even the rich class, you will realise that they no longer think twice to marry a divorcee. So, you may not need to worry how your neighbours or relatives judge you if you marry a divorced person.


Myth #7: Love Is Impossible!

So, you think that he or she has already loved someone and is incapable of loving you intensely. If he or she loved the previous partner so much their divorce wouldn't have happened in the first place. So, you can have your share of love from your future partner who is a divorcee if you try to win his or her heart.

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