8 Habits Of Highly Ineffective Husbands

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Marriage doesn't give any of us the power to control the partner. Even if you don't have the desire to control your wife, if some of your habits trouble her, she may start hating the bond called marriage forever!

In many surveys, women openly voiced out why they hated their husbands. In fact, many women who were divorced, came up with the actual reasons behind their painful step.

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Here are some of the normal habits of husbands that made their wives walk out of marriage....


Habit #1

A husband who always gives word but never lives by it may lose the trust of his wife soon. Broken promises could break relationships.

Result: Your wife will never believe you.


Habit #2

Acting busy and ignoring her all the time.

Result: She will try to find her joy elsewhere if you are too busy all the time!

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Habit #3

Suspecting her too much even if she is spending time even with her female friends.

Result: She might feel like making your suspicions true!


Habit #4

When she does something nice, being silent about it instead of praising her.

Result: Lack of positive feedback might de-motivate her.

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Habit #5

Pretending to be someone who knows everything and blaming the wife saying "You don't know anything!"

Result: She might either develop inferiority complex or may wait for a chance to prove that you don't know anything!


Habit #6

Trying to count every penny that was spent on her.

Result: She might feel like throwing all your money on your face and walking out!

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Habit #7

Blaming her in front of her own people. That could be a blow on her self-esteem. It is better to criticise her in private and praise her in public.

Result: She might feel like taking revenge. She might try to do the same when your people are around.


Habit #8

Trying to keep your wife in discipline. Though discipline is important, trying to force someone to live in a particular way amounts to cruelty.

Result: She will hate you forever and might try to end the marriage.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 12:17 [IST]
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