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How Would Your Husband React When You Praise Another Man?

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Men tend to lose sleep when a woman praises another man in their presence. May be its just an evolutionary trait that is meant to develop competition.

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When a wife simply gives compliment to another man in his presence, he may wear a smile and pretend to be normal but deep down, he may tend to boil like a pressure cooker.

Well, though there is nothing wrong in praising someone, men generally start suspecting their women and will start losing peace thinking too much.

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Now, let us discuss about certain reactions that are common in men.


He May Feel Jealous

Obviously, he may feel jealous. Even if you just give a casual compliment and don't mean anything else beyond that, your husband may burn with jealousy.


He May Develop Inferiority Complex

Men feel masculine and secure when they win a woman's attention and love. When his woman compliments someone else in front of him, a man may feel insecure for a moment unless he is a very matured man who is secure in his heart. So, developing inferiority complex can't be ruled out.


He May Get Angry

Some men who are short-tempered may get angry too. Such men may find fault and start suspecting the women's intentions.


He May Show His Frustration Some Other Time

Some men wait for the right opportunity to throw their frustration out. So, they would start the blame game when the right time comes. If you make a financial mistake or any other mistake, he might start using that excuse to blame you.


He May Take It As A lesson

Some men take it as a lesson to learn and may start showing more love towards their women.


He May Take Revenge By Dating Elsewhere

Some men think that sleeping with someone else and cheating a wife may be the right way to seek revenge. But that's actually a foolish move which might complicate everything.


He May Cry

Some men who are sensitive tend to cry too. Though it may surprise you, not every man will have the sportive spirit to digest the fact that a woman may compliment another man just casually without any deeper intentions.

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