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7 Things You Can’t Tell Your Mom!

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Though everyone thinks that a woman's life changes after marriage, nobody knows how a man's life changes after marriage. He too has to undergo lots of stress and tension.

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The problem is: men are expected to maintain a strong face and hide all their pain inside. That is why they seldom open up about their hurts anywhere. But wait, they do open up with their male friends after a couple of drinks.

Most of the time, the issues are about fights between wife and mother. Wife may treat the mother-in-law as an enemy or the mother may treat the daughter-in-law as an enemy.

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Whatever is the case; the man of the house will be affected and may lose peace. So, let us discuss about a few things that you might need to hide from your mom if you are married.


You Can't Tell Your Mom That You Are Scared Of Your Wife!

If you do so, she'll either be upset or she may start hating your wife. Even if you're scared of your wife, act like a courageous man and run the show!


You Can't Tell Your Mom That You Come Home Late To Avoid Your Wife!

Give any other excuse. Tell that work is piling up on your office table. But don't expose your relationship issues. Ups and downs in your marital life may soon level up but your mom will carry a bad impression on your wife permanently, if you reveal every small issue to your mom.


You Can't Tell Your Mom Any Complaint About Your Wife!

After an argument with your wife, never speak badly about her behind her back. Especially, never speak ill about your wife in front of your mother as that would spoil human relationships and upset certain equations.


You Can't Tell Your Mom About Your Wife's Expenditure

If your wife is earning, let her spend lavishly on whatever she wants to. Telling about her expenses to your mom might not be the wisest thing to do.


You Can't Tell Your Mom How Much Your Wife Loves You

Your mom loves you so much. She will be happy to know that your wife loves you too. But still, you can underplay the love story a bit just to avoid unnecessary rivalries between your mom and wife.


You Can't Tell Your Mom When You Buy An Expensive Gift To Your Wife

It may or may not go well with your mom depending upon a lot of other factors. So, you can give your wife any gift without your mom's knowledge. Also, you don't need to tell your wife about the gifts you give to your mom. Keep giving gifts to both of them and if they discuss about them with each other in your absence and fight about it, that isn't your business.


You Can't Tell Your Mom That Your Wife Cooks Well

Your mom has cooked well for you for more than 2-3 decades. Give her the first prize. If your wife cooks well, enjoy the rest of your life eating her food. But never compare both of them as world-war-3 will start in your home!

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