How To Stop Taking Things Personally

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Sometimes, it is quite common to take things personally. It is part of our nature. When your partner tries to correct you or tell you something which sounds like criticism, you tend to over react.

Later on, you may again feel that you shouldn't have taken it so personally. Of course, when you have patience and tolerance, you may be able to prevent such hasty moves.

Here are some points to remember when your partner's words start hurting you. Before you take things personal, think again.

How To Stop Taking Things Personally1

If you are hurt by your partner's words, you are allowing him or her to dictate your happiness. But if you realise that you are in control, you can keep your mind unaffected by anyone's words. Your thoughts and emotions are predominantly in your control.

How To Stop Taking Things Personally2

If you take every word personally, you will get hurt every moment. Instead, simply ask yourself what exactly you want and focus on that.

How To Stop Taking Things Personally3

Sometimes, you tend to misinterpret others' words and feel unhappy. In such a case, ask that person and get clarification. That will remove confusion and make you peaceful again.

How To Stop Taking Things Personally4

Never argue with your partner in front of others. That could have several repercussions. Others around could take sides and may pollute your minds later.

How To Stop Taking Things Personally4

When your partner gives feedback or criticises you, try to grasp the lesson and move on without brooding over it.

How To Stop Taking Things Personally5

Sometimes a word war might turn into a world war. So, carefully choose your words when you are stressed out.

How To Stop Taking Things Personally6

Sometimes, its our ego that stops us from taking feedback. Sometimes, it is our need to feel right that makes us argue. Sometimes, it is our self pity that makes us think that everyone is pointing fingers on us. If you remove all those masks and listen silently when your partner gives feedback, you may contemplate on it later when your mind is cool.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 10, 2016, 17:04 [IST]
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