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Do Open Marriages Really Work?

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Do open marriages really work? Well, what's an open marriage? It is a married relationship in which both of the partners are okay with exploring physical relationships outside the marriage.

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This trend is catching up in urban areas. Many people would like to lead a liberated life with more freedom to explore one's body and desire.

Well, what attracts couples to an open marriage? It is the freedom of choice. When a partner need not be confined to sleep with only one person, it sounds more appealing.

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But are such marriages healthy? Without getting into the ethical or moral sides of it, let us talk only about the side effects of this kind of an arrangement.



Though your wife allows you to have an affair with your colleague, she will soon start feeling jealous if you give her less attention.



When both the husband and wife have affairs outside their marriage, it could be fun in the beginning stages but gradually quarrels would arise. The reason for this is the fact that they no longer derive their pleasure from the marriage. Their pleasure comes outside of it.


Feeling Ignored

After having a great love making session outside, you might not be able to maintain the same intensity at home with your partner. This might make him or her feel ignored. Also, you might get bored of your partner.



When the other party gets clingy, they might even blackmail you for more sex. This is one danger of any secret relationship.



Most often, open marriages break into pieces. Of course, it doesn't mean that all such relationships are bound to break but the chances would be high.


Financial Issues

When you are in love with someone outside your marriage, you might spend lots of money for that person which might irk your wife.


Fear Of Getting Caught

In spite of the immense pleasure you enjoy, you tend to have a fear of getting caught. This would affect other areas of your life.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 19, 2016, 7:46 [IST]
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