Tortures Every Newlywed Couple Has To Face

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After the big day, newly-wed couples often go into hiding for they fear the multiple questions people throw at them that is rather annoying. In most Indian homes, the elders in the family are the first ones to question a newly-wed couple.

Though at first it may seem funny and quite entertaining, it can be rather embarrassing for the happy duo who have just started a new chapter in their life. According to most Indian couples, they hate the look people give them after their first night.

The uncomfortable gestures thrown at them is one of the many tortures every newly-wed couple faces at some point of time. These tortures become all the more taxing for those couples who are bound together via an arranged marriage, as the couple is still getting to know each other, and questions like these can make the situation all the more thorny.

For couples who are going to walk down the aisle soon, pay attention to some of these disastrous tortures you will have to face. And for couples who are going through these questions at the time being, it is best to remain cool and pass the moment on with a smile. Keep reading on to see some of the common tortures every newly-wed couple faces:


When Is The Big News?

The good news or the big news is the first thing every newly-wed hears for days after they are wed. FYI: The good news relates to child bearing. This is a common embarrassing question that is usually asked by the elders in the house.


With The In-Laws?

Close friends usually bombard the couple with these questions and many even provide a handful of tips to keep away from the in-laws. Honestly, it is not your business if the couple wishes to stay in a joint family or not.


Skipping The Honeymoon?

Since most couples are time bound to duties at a workplace, honeymoon seems to be the last thing on a couple's mind. It is not right to ask the couple why, where and what they will be doing on their honeymoon.


Will He Allow You To Work?

One of the many tortures every newly-wed couple faces is this question. "Will he allow you to work after marriage?" Here, it depends on the couple to decide and not you or me.


Cooking Desires

Yes, after marriage it is the duty of a woman to cook for her man, as they say, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Though this question may sound concerning, there are some brides who hate to be asked this question.


How Is Your Sex Life?

What happens between those four walls is only for the couple to be aware of and asking a newly-wed about their sex life is totally uncool.

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