Things No One Tells You About Divorce

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When you are ending up your marriage even for the good sake is a really tough decision. For every positive advice you get there are plenty of negative comments that overshadow your decision.

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There are many up's and lows that a couple go through during this tough time. Negative comments make an impact on the lives of couple and it makes them feel miserable and pathetic. Their self esteem is shattered and the changes happening around them makes them a total different person.

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There are certain things that no one tells you about divorce. Read on to know more about these things that affect and change the life of the people who are getting divorced.


Moving On Is Really Tough

Divorce comes as a sudden surprise where it turns the person life completely upside down. Taking things slowly day by day is quite straining. Emotions need not be suppressed as it has a negative impact on the overall mental health of the person.


Getting Divorced Feels Like Death

Losing the person they love the most and moving out of the relationship feels more like a death pain as there are only memories left behind as the damage is done. Getting divorced makes them more fragile to emotional situations even when it is not required.


Post Separation Life Is Boring

Boredom seeps in after separation as responsibility of your partner is no more there. But there are other factors like taking your child to school and paying the bills keep you busy on your toes. Once you get a hang of it then there is nothing new or interesting apart from daily chore. This makes life pretty boring.


Cheating Is Not The Only Option To Get Divorced

There are plenty of reasons apart from fidelity to get divorced. Lack of mutual understanding ruins a healthy relationship. Misunderstandings, trust issues and ego play a vital role to kill the relationship.


Divorce Procedure Gets Ugly

Getting separated is painful in itself. But going through the procedure with lawyers, fighting for custody and washing dirty linen in public drains out any person. These pain procedures do make people to rethink about their decisions at times.


Family And Friends React In Unexpected Way

Sudden changes in how your family and friends treat you during your tough times either makes you stronger or breaks you more. When friends and family take sides of partners in a relationship it tears the person emotionally as they are already drained and weak.


Explaining Kids Is The Toughest Decision

It is a better decision to address the kids together about the separation. The kids will react in most unexpected way and slip into depression. Handling them during this tough time is a task.

These are the few things that no one tells about divorce. If you have something to be shared then feel free to share your thought in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 18:08 [IST]
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