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Ten Things Only Divorced Women Understands


The termination of marriage is hardly ever a happy occurrence. Life after divorce is more about overcoming a challenging period especially after you begin to realise that your marriage has come to an end and it is better to be aware of the possible consequences that come after separation. In reality, women always suffer after divorce both in terms of quality of life and emotional well-being. In this article we sharing few things that divorced women understand. Read on to find more.

Things Woman Must Know After Divorce

However after divorce women experience less stress and better adjustment when compared to men. And some of the reasons are that divorced women who have faced marital problems feel quite a relief when such problems come to an end. On the other hand women also experience a boost in self esteem when they divorce since they are focused on adding new roles to their lives. Here are some of the things that only divorced women can understand about men.


Fair Emotionally

Divorced women fair better emotionally than men when it comes to separation. She can fair better because she has already kept herself emotionally distanced from the marriage and her husband. This means that she doesn't want to keep herself tied up on the emotional front, while on the other hand men feel the pang of loss and grief since their ego is usually hurt in this situation.


Taking Control

Divorce does have positive effects on women than negative since she prepares herself to change her life than wallow in pain. Women gain personal growth and independence after divorce. Some of the things that divorced women understand is that she has to take control of her life. She learns to make every single decision and plans her life after divorce such as where to live and how to increase her income.



Co-parenting with your ex can be an impossible task. The problems faced by divorced women are the challenges she needs to handle when communicating with her ex about their children. You are aware that communication is a must between parents while discussing about schedules, activities, schoolwork and medical appointments.


Child Longing For Daddy

After parent's divorce it can be confusing and stressful for the children. The things that only divorced women can understand is those children will be yearning for their father. Parents still need to put their children's emotional desires first. If your child is longing for the other parent try listening to his/her feelings than neglecting it.


Child’s Distress

Usually a child can breakdown due to parent's strain or the conflict between them. Divorced women have to understand that child's distress can be due to parent's animosity towards each other. On the other child's distress can also take the form of school related problems, anxiety, depression, bullying and victimisation.


Accept The Economic Reality

The things that divorced women understand are that she has to have a reduced lifestyle after divorce. Women will usually struggle financially if she has to be the prime giver towards child care. The smartest women commit to changing her lifestyle as a long term financial solution since she has to maintain household expenses and nobody is going to support her.


Can’t Change Ex-Husband

The things that divorced women understand about men are that she knows that she can't change her ex after divorce. Divorced women begin to realise that there is no point wasting her time in changing her ex-husband. She decides to let go of issues and acknowledges the general unpleasantness of ongoing custody share-which is part of divorce reality.


Learn To Let Go

The things that divorced women understand are that it is not good to hold onto regrets and bitterness but rather to move forward in life. Moving your life forward, is important to acknowledge your feelings and to learn from your past experience so that it makes you prepared for the next exciting chapter of your life.


Put The Differences Aside

Divorced parents need to put their differences aside to help their children have a normal healthy life and to find success in school. The things that a divorced woman understands is that working together and putting behind the issues (that caused them to separate) is what will help their child to focus on education.


Parents Need To Be Cordial

If the parents are cordial towards each other, it is easier to attend the parents and teacher conferences together. The smartest divorced women will ask the teacher to inform both the parents what days and times are available for in person meetings or telephone conferences.

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