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Problems That Every New Couple In An Arranged Marriage Faces

Arranged marriages are essentially fixed by the parents. Nearly 80% of Indians prefer arranged marriages. Many people who believe problems don’t arise in this concept have faced a lot of issues after getting hitched.

Arranged marriage is a pre-historic concept that is very much practised in our society. Does it imply that arranged marriages are successful? Does it mean that two people who had an arranged marriage are understanding and comfortable? Whether you marry the person you love or somebody your parents choose for you, as a couple, there will always be some or the other issues after the marriage.

Arranged marriages usually take place in India either by the merit of caste or religion or family connections without even caring to know the partner before tying the knot. It is because the families are more unbending about their choice and later some couples live to regret it.

Parents often prefer arranged marriages for their offspring as insisting upon it will ensure their child stays attentive to religious beliefs. More importantly, the problem in Indian arranged marriages is that it takes a bit longer for the couple to understand each other’s thought process.

Here are some of the arranged marriage problems.

Adjusting With In-laws

Every marriage requires some adjustment and if you were recently married into a conventional family, you could find it difficult to learn the ropes and find a balance. Most headstrong women find it problematic to compromise on their lifestyle.

Most women who face problems in Indian arranged marriages find it difficult to follow certain expectations such as the clothes to wear, social gatherings to attend and food habits to follow. Most couples in arranged marriages will have to work twice as hard to keep their relationship unwavering and strong.

Responsibility And Blame

The other problem in Indian arranged marriages is more responsibilities and expectations. It literally means that both partners need to be accountable for their own actions. In times of difficulty, the couple doesn’t accept the mistake on their part and deflects it to their families or friends when things go wrong.

In an arranged marriage, the strong sense of commitment is essential to save the marriage. And when there is no mutual trust and understanding between couples, it becomes impossible to fill the loopholes in the marriage. Both partners are relentlessly under pressure to make the marriage work.

Pre-marital Jitters

Most new couples in an arranged marriage go through pre-marital jitters and the most prominent reason is fear of sharing space with a stranger. Most newly married couples fear adjusting with an unknown partner. Getting to adjust with the in-laws and relatives can cause anxiousness. These are some of the problems most couples face in Indian arranged marriages.

Financial Worries

Most men have to bear the responsibilities of the family after marriage. Even though his wife is working and earning, it doesn’t reduce his duty of providing financial security to her. In arranged marriages, men feel pressurised as they have to prove their worth by maintaining financial stability throughout their life.


Both the partners are not aware about each other's likes and dislikes. If you are the bride, you could feel stressed immediately after marriage as you will be constantly corrected on the things that you need to follow in the house.

If he or she is stressed out, then there are chances of both of you complaining or cribbing about petty issues and this can create havoc in your marriage. Constant complaining about the partner are some of the problems that are persistent in Indian arranged marriages.

These are the 5 most common problems that most Indian newly arranged married couples face.

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