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10 Bad Effects Of Pornography On Marriage


What are the effects of pornography on marriage? Well, porn could wreck relationships. Though most of us think that it is totally harmless, there are certain effects of pornography on marriage. The main issue with watching such imagery is that it totally influences your body's natural arousal process and gradually you will lose your sensitivity. This is the main problem.

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When you are married to someone, this will definitely influence your bed life up to a certain extent. If you are a total addict then the effects of porn-addiction could be devastating. If you wish to take a closer look at how this addiction could effect your relationships, go through the following points.


Makes You Criticise Your Spouse

When you watch too much of it, your expectations from your partner would increase and when you don't get what you want from your partner, you will start criticising him or her. This will be dangerous for your relationship.


It Diminishes Desire For Partner

What happens when you constantly watch porn? Well, you will get used to watching the most attractive bodies at play and this will make your partner look too ordinary to your eyes. Gradually, your carving for attractive people will increase and your desire for your spouse will decrease.


Makes You Bad In Lovemaking

You will naturally try to imitate what you have seen and this makes you a bad lover. In the bedroom, every act of yours must suit the taste of your spouse. But when you imitate someone else's style unknowingly, you tend to fail in impressing your partner. This is one of the effects of porn addiction.


Premature Ejaculation

A recent study reports that young men who grew up on porn have higher risk of suffering from premature ejaculation due to many reasons. This is one of the effects of porn addiction.


Hampers Your Libido

Your natural appetite will gradually diminish as most of your energies go in watching porn. When you practically have to do something in the bedroom, you are left with very little energies. Also, a recent study has suggested that the chances of diminishing libido will increase if an individual is addicted to porn.


You Crave For Extreme Acts

Watching hardcore acts would make you crave for such acts in real life and this will scare your partner. Most of the acts you see are faked and exaggerated. They are not even possible in real life.


Love Making Becomes A Game

You will start viewing the act as a game or a performance where you need to show your stamina or your skill sets. This way of looking at things will totally spoil your bed life.


Changes Your Definition Of Attractive

You gradually start thinking that many people who look like porn stars are attractive. This will distort your perceptions. This is one of the porn addiction side effects.


Erectile Dysfunction

Those whose sensitivity has decreased would need a lot of stimulation to get into the mood. This happens when you watch too much of porn.


Spoils Your Relationship

Of course, when you criticise your partner or when you look dissatisfied with your partner's performance or when you fail to live up to the standards of your partner, obviously your relationship may go for a toss sooner or later. Porn addiction is unhealthy for your relationship.

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