Good Reasons To End A Bad Marriage

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We have come to a state of life when we must all realise that marriage is not a permanent relationship. Yes, we do say 'till death do us apart' when we get married and expect that we will spend the rest of our life with our spouse. But people change and so do circumstances. Enduring a bad marriage is not the smartest thing to do in today's world.

It is often better to end a marriage that has gone sour than to drag it along for the rest of your life. This does not mean that you should file for divorce at the drop of hat. But there is such a thing as irreconcilable difference that make a marriage bad. Most couples come up with some very silly reasons to carry on with a bad marriage. But in reality, no reason is good enough to carry on in marriage that has no future.

If you are in a bad marriage and giving yourself excuses to carry on with it, then you need to reconsider your stand. Here are some very good reasons to end a marriage that has gone bad.


Life Is Short

Life is short and it will end suddenly one fine day. When you are taking your last breath, it is better not to have any regrets. What is the point of living your entire life in a relationship that doesn't make you happy.


Finding Love

Each and every one of us has the right to find love. Just because you were unlucky once, doesn't mean you will be unfortunate in love again. By staying in a bad marriage, you are denying yourself and your partner the right to find real love.


Your Kids Will Understand

Most couples stay in failed marriages because of their kids. But actually, kids who are brought up in conflicted homes are not very emotionally healthy. Your kids will understand and respect your decision to end the marriage once they grow up.


Your Career Is At Stake

You cannot go ahead in life with the baggage of a stressful marital life. And your career is the most important thing in your life after family. It is your daily bread and butter, so don't ignore it.


You Are Losing A Friend

By staying in a strained relationship with your spouse, you are actually losing out on friend. You both might have seen good times together. And just because you make an incompatible couple, it doesn't mean that you cannot be good friends.


Social Stigma Is For The Weak

A failed marriage is considered a social stigma. But have you ever wondered who made this rule. The society is not suffering from the effects of a bad marriage. So why bother about social rules?

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Story first published: Friday, August 30, 2013, 2:02 [IST]
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