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4 Things You Should Not Do On Wedding Day

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So it is your D-day! Before you become the center of attention, you should be aware of few behavioural patterns and etiquette. As you will be constantly under limelight, you have to keep few things in mind. You might have read about wedding etiquette in several books. There are few who do not have time to go through the guide when they are busy preparing for the big day! Here is a short view of what a bride and groom should not do on their wedding day.

What a bride and groom must not do on their wedding day?


Overeating on stage: I know you will get hungry after starving to death for hours! But, this doesn't mean that you have to eat like a glutton on the stage. Eat, but limited. When you are on the stage and there are hundreds of people starring at you, your small acts can become troublesome later. Also, avoid opening a big mouth when someone feeds.

Be calm: Wedding jitters is nothing unusual. Every bride and groom faces it till they get married. It can be due to responsibilities or due to the fear of being the center of attention. You have to be calm when guests and relatives come to congratulate you. Sometimes, a bride gets frustrated due to the heavy wedding dress and accessories. This uncomfortable feeling spoils the mood and frustrates her. This frustration is clearly visible on the face and sometimes, you can even feel like venting it out on someone. Be calm and think about how good you are looking.

Never flirt: Its your wedding day! You are no more a bachelor or a bachelorette. On this special day, do not move your eyes on the groom's or bride's friends. Everyone's eyes are on you and flirting with your would-be's friends would only spoil your impression in front of your in-laws family and others.

Do not hold the hand of your partner: You two are going to tie a bond for lifetime. You have the whole life to get intimate with each other. So, no public scenes especially on your wedding day. Among Hindus, this point is more applicable as the bride is too shy to look up. Holding hands would be a big scene which is not acceptable in the Indian society.

These are few wedding etiquette to keep in mind on your d-day.

Story first published: Monday, May 21, 2012, 15:55 [IST]
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