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Things Mom In Law Won't Tell You

Regular tiffs with mom in law is a daily affair after marriage. Women who stay with in laws often complain about their bad mom in law! She did this, she said that are common topics of discussion among daughter in laws. When a woman gets married, she accepts her husband's mother as her own. Why then mom in laws do not accept her as a daughter? A valid question with no answer!

Before marriage, your mother in law will be very gentle and loving, but you only get to see her true colours after marriage! There are very few lucky women who have really humble and supportive mother in laws. However, mom in law can seldom become a mom to you. There are few things that mom in laws won't tell you. Find out what are these...

5 things mom in law won't tell you:

I can't stand you: This is what most of the mom in laws feel but will never tell you. Getting a new member in the house is a social rule and family responsibility. These are the only reasons why a mother gets a new lady in the house who will be the better half of her son. It is difficult for a mother to adjust with a new member especially when you are not like her. It is something natural as she needs time to accept a new member who can't be completely under her control.

He is still my son: When you get married, you are the better half of your spouse. There is a common saying, 'a son is no more of his mother after marriage'. This makes a mother uncomfortable and jealous. A mom in law won't ever tell this to you. She will keep in mind and always try different ways to prove that he is still her son and then your husband. As a son, she will expect him to always obey to what his mom says. This makes a mom in law feel superior and dominant.

I am lucky to have you: Well, not all mom in laws are bad. There are few lucky women who get mother and not stereotypical mom in law. Whatever be the situation post marriage, if you have impressed her, she will be the luckiest mom to get a daughter that is not related through blood! Why won't your mom in law tell you then? Because she doesn't want you to fly high and take her words for granted!!

You are a bad cook: Mother in law will never reveal this to her daughter in law simply because you might be bad or your food doesn't taste the same as hers! Though, she will tell indirectly by saying constantly, "Cook in my way", "Add this", "Why so less oil" etc. There is also some superiority where a mother in law thinks she is the best cook. This cold war has no end!

Do not leave me alone: Sons move out of their parental homes after marriage. This is nothing unusual. Lack of privacy or too much of parental interference makes a couple shift. Mom in law won't tell but always wish that you and your husband never leave her alone.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 14:54 [IST]
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