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Should You Give Wedding Ring Back?

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When you get married, you decide or commit to spend the rest of your life with your partner. However, several issues and problems such as lack of understanding, betrayal, incompatibility can force you to part your ways. While some divorces are ugly, there are many couples who part their ways peacefully. Leaving the house, you take all your things and submit back whatever you had received from the in-laws house. What about the wedding ring? Very few couples think about returning back the wedding ring. Is it ethical or not? Find out...

Should you give your wedding ring?

Should You Give Wedding Ring Back?


  • If you decide to get married after the divorce or dating someone, the wedding ring on your finger can cause a problem. You have to move on!
  • After the divorce, you should return the wedding ring as it will remind of your spouse and will draw you back to depression. To move on in life, you have to get over the past.
  • According to the legal precedence, you should return the wedding ring after the divorce. It is a moral responsibility too! However, you can grant for your items and jewellery from your spouse after the divorce.
  • If you do not want to hold on your commitment even after the divorce, you can return the wedding ring. A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment.


  • You were offered this wedding ring when you tied the knot with your partner. If you are single then you can wear the wedding ring even after the divorce to mark it as a memory.
  • This was gifted to you and your partner has no right to take it back. However, few couples demand for the wedding ring in the alumni from the husband or wife. If your partner falls down to such a level for just a wedding ring, return it back or fight for it (if it matters).
  • You can modify the wedding ring a little and turn it into a completely new designed jewellery. Flaunt a new ring on your finger with a little expenditure.

If your spouse is fine with your not returning the ring, you can treasure it!

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Story first published: Friday, September 7, 2012, 17:58 [IST]
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