Is Mom-In-Law Spoiling Marriage?

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A bride is always made cautious to be careful with her mom-in-law. We all know the real relationship between the daughter-in-law and mom-in-laws. There are very few lucky brides who get a jovial and understanding mother-in-law. A majority of married women always find mom-in-laws interfering and disturbing. The tiff between these two important ladies of the family has become the concept for many television soaps.

Is your mom-in-law spoiling your marriage? Well, many women would say yes! Lets find out how they come in between and spoil your marital life.

Is Mom-In-Law Spoiling Marriage?

Interference: Many women complain that their new mom always interferes in the personal lives of the married couple. When you are married, your in-laws should not interfere in each and every thing. If you had a fight, instead of solving the tiff, your in-laws or new parents rather, try to worsen it. Neetu, a homemaker says, "If sometimes I call my careless husband irresponsible, my mom-in-law will cry and win over his heart to prove that I am wrong. She will always think of placing herself into his shoes. This leads to a lot of problems as my husband thinks that I don't understand him."

Dominance: Now that your son is married, it is high time you stop controlling him. He is no more your baby boy who will be under your control. After marriage, he is big enough to take his own decisions. Lots of dominance can be a trouble for the wife. If she likes something, the decision of mom-in-law will also matter and this can lead to disputes between you and your husband.

Complaining: Why don't mom-in-laws understand that he is no more a kid. Complaining to her son that he doesn't talk to her every day or doesn't send her money will only spoil her image. Preeti, a software engineer complains, "If my husband doesn't call his mother for one day, the next day she will say, "You didn't get any time to call from so many days. What is this? I just missed one day not 3-5....."

Emotional attyachar: If not directly, mom-in-laws attacks indirectly on their daughter-in-laws. Many marriages spoil when the mom-in-law plays dirty tricks to win the heart of her son and keep him under her control. Crying, faking love or just showing that she cares are few examples to show that your mom-in-law is emotionally trying to gather attention from your hubby.

Insecurity: When you start ruling over the life of your husband, many mom-in-laws find it difficult to accept a new person's interference. If your husband shows concern about you, your mom-in-law will start feeling insecure and then all her attempts to show you down will start gradually.

These are few things that mom-in-law usually do. These activities can even spoil your marriage. If your mom-in-law is really troubling your married life and you want to save it, it is high time you take a step.

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