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Do Men Love Mommies More?

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Mamma's Boy
Everyone loves their mother be it a man or a woman. But irrespective of this fact, you will find that most men are more attached to their mothers than their fathers. There is nothing unusual in it. But the problem arises after marriage. And this happens because when a girl comes into your life leaving everything behind her, then she quite obviously wants to be the most important person in your life. Let's see how problems arise after marriage if the man happens to be a mamma's boy.

Comparison- Most men love to fall in love with women who are like their mother. Formally many girls like it. But then everyone wants to be loved the way they are. Problem arises when you fail to comply with the desires of your man. Women do feel bad when their mamma's boy will sometimes say, " My mother used to cook it this way", " My mother would never do it", and so on.

You both are equally important in his life. And saying this simply does not imply that your man loves his mother more than you.

Who Is More Important- One of the questions that almost every woman asks herself after marriage is, "Who is more important, me or his mother?" Men love their mother but it does not mean that he loves you less. Whenever a conflict arises between your mother-in-law and you, he is unable to side with you completely. This is so because there are a few common emotions running down the veins of all men. "My mother is old, she might feel bad; you are my love I expect you to understand."

This might make any woman think that her man loves his mother more than any thing else.

Emotional Fool- Every man is an emotional fool. And so is the case with a mamma's boy too. Both the mother and the wife understand it well and try to channelize it. Men do love their mother more before marriage and after marriage also this, quotient remains almost the same.

But women should understand that if men love their mother, they love their wives too. If you want to be the most important person in the life of your partner then give it some time and you will see wonders happen. At some point of time they will realise how much efforts you have put in to make your family happy.

Most men do love their mother more than anything and everything else in the world. But, at the same time they must realise that their wives also deserve the same attention, love and care.

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