Can A Mother-in-law Change With Time?

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It is extremely difficult to accept new relationships when you already have a good set of people around you. This person called mother-in-law often taunts you, highlights mistakes and irritates with her wavery behaviour so how to tackle in law problems is what we will discuss in brief.
Ask your loved ones, and they, with a sigh say that time will heal the bitter things in life but is it really true? Can time change people like your mother-in-law? And what is that time limit? Can you wait all your life to see that one person change? Soo many questions but the answers are always on hold.

Your mother-in-law may or may not change but time will change you to accept all the irritating things she does. Time makes daughters-in-law realise that her life is this and will never change. The youngsters are always at the forefront to change and accept mistakes.

So accept new relationship with some changes. Here are the golden tips to deal in law problems.
1. Take A Chill Pill – Your mother-in-law is anyways an old model and you the recently launched. Use the latest technology tricks to prove that she can never beat you in terms of knowledge and education. This is enough to prove that her ideas will and forever be outdated and can make no difference to life. Snub her ideas by tactical icy and nicey words.

2. Walk Out – Nobody can stop you grow. The moment you feel that you are been given too many useless things to do, break free from them and tell that you interested to study or work or engage in a creative activity. Allow your mother in law to happily hatch eggs at home.

3. Long Term Travel – If, by god's grace, your husband has an opportunity to shift to a different country, use it to attain some peace by being alone and happy. Understand that these chances don't keep coming very often and happily chalk out plans to make your own life after marriage.

4. The best way to change elders and deal mother-in-law is by winning the heart of your father-in-law. Your father-in-law isn't as negative and tricky like your mother-in-law (sometimes may be vice versa), be a good daughter to him and see to it that he can never think wrong about you. Then your mother in law will lose support and she can be automatically cornered.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 16:04 [IST]
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