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How To Make Your Divorce An Easy One?

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How To Make Divorce Easy
A divorce is between two people and they are entitled to their privacy. But bizarre courtroom dramas have become a routine job these days. If you want your divorce to be easy and quick then you must follow some standard divorce procedures. It spares both partners a great deal of emotional harassment and embarrassment if they cooperate.

A divorce is not easy on any one. The least you can do is to make it as painless as possible by following these good divorce procedures.

Ways To Make Your Divorce Easy:

1. Stay In Separation: The foremost step once you file for divorce is to get separate places to stay. Meet a lawyer and discuss the guardianship rights of your kids before you move into separate houses. It is better to stay in different places and live like human beings instead of living together and fighting like animals.

2. Drop Your Grudges: You may feel that you have been cheated in your marriage. Possibly, you are right too. But do not try to win over your spouse when you are filling for divorce. Whatever be the reasons for the divorce, do not let them become lifelong grudges. Your divorce will be a lot more painless this way.

3. Be Clear About Your Reasons: You need to state crystal clear reasons for divorce in the court. To do this, you need to be clear about these reasons yourself. You should have a one word or phrase answer to question, 'why do you want divorce?'. For example, 'domestic violence' or 'incompatibility'.

4. Mutual Divorce: Uncontested divorce is easy and quick. So, if both partners mutually agree to separate then the divorce procedures are much smoother. Allegations of adultery or impotency are much more difficult to prove. If your aim is to take a divorce and not belittle your partner then the procedure will move faster.

5. Don't Pull Any Dirty Divorce Tricks: Dirty divorce tricks are basically malpractices like withdrawing money from joint accounts or spying on your spouse. Your respective lawyers might urge you to do this but be firm to turn them down.

If your marriage has reached an inevitable breakdown then at least try to make your divorce easy. You might have some real life experiences of the same. Do share them with us.

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Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2012, 10:39 [IST]
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