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Are You Still Friends After Marriage?

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The beginning of every new relationship is friendship. Then why is that we cannot retain this friendship in our relationships till the end? Typically a guy and girl meet and start off as being 'just friends'. Slowly, the relationship move beyond friendship and we label it as love. Finally, the couple take their vows and become man and wife. Most people are friends in the start of their marriage. However, the pressures of life after marriage eats away their friendship.

It is very important for a couple to be friends even after marriage. It might be the solution to all your relationship problems. Try these tricks to add that missing ingredient of 'friendship' in your life after marriage.

Friends After Marriage

How To Be Friends After Marriage?

1. Stop Being Typical: If you behave like a typical wife and stuff his neck with questions, you can never be friends. Similarly, if you become a tyrannical husband and spy on your wife then she will certainly not consider you to be her close or best friend. To stay friends even after marriage, you need to break out from the standard molds of 'husband' and 'wife'.

Where Is Your Sense Of Humour: Most couples become unnecessarily serious about life after marriage. Every time they talk, they are either discussing a job change or the house rent or some investment they made. It sounds like a business meeting with your partner. Bring back the fun and laughter in your life by talking about irrelevant things because that is what you do with your friends.

Have Limited Expectations: The most amazing part about friendship is that it sets us free. Suppose you call your friend and and ask him to come over, he may say he is busy. You never make a fuss about it. But if the same thing is said by your spouse, then you pull a big face and it escalates into a big fight. If you really want to go through the stages of marriage as friends, then you have to have limited expectation from your spouse. Do not grow on each other. It is important to have space in your relationship.

Do Things Together: Most often, couples divide their duties after marriage. The kitchen belongs to the wife and the living to the husband. Only the bedroom is shared. Every nook and corner of your home should be shared by the two of you. Treat each other like roommates instead of spouses. By sharing household chores, you can create a heavenly 'marital' home for the two of you.

Back Bitching Is A Great Way To Bond: What is the one thing you enjoy doing most with your friends? Gossiping of course. In the same way gossiping and bitching about other people might actually bring out the 'friendly feeling' in you. It works really well to bring down the walls in a relationship.

It does not matter which stage of marriage you are in, it is very important for you to be friends throughout your marriage.

Story first published: Friday, June 29, 2012, 17:47 [IST]
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