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Why Bitch About In-Laws?

By Sneha

Bitching about in-laws is common with both men and women. But as expected women lead the row here. Women have to adjust and deal with n a lot more in-law problems than men have to. Women bitch about in-law problems whenever they find suitable companions. Trust me an all girls association means a lot of bitching. And most of the times the ice is broken by one by saying "I hate my in-laws". Find out some interesting reasons as to why women bitch about in-law issues.

Make Life Miserable- Well it is true that when you marry a man you take his parents in dowry. And it becomes really difficult when they stay together and are completely non-compromising. Your daily routine and work is in a turmoil then. You forget living for yourself while attending to their needs and fulfilling their expectations. Sacrifice and compromise become the key words in your life. All this frustration finally finds an opening in front of people who suffer from the same problem. Such in-law problems do not occur when both you and your in-laws are willing to understand each others point of view.

Build Up Tension-
This is the favourite pass time of most of the mother-in-laws. Most women after they get their son married think that may be "My son is no more mine". But the fact is there is no reason to think so. Because both mother and wife have different places of importance in a man's life. But priority issue becomes the main subject here. The in-laws try their best to prove that there is no one more important than them in their son's life. And all this effort leads to several conflicts among the couple. Women bitch when they are together as there is no one else with whom they can share their worries.

Privacy Issues- The worst of all in-law problems that one can face is interference in personal matters. Such in-law issues are really difficult to handle. You hardly share private time with your partner if your in-laws stay with you. And even if not they will come up with various things like, "When are you going to plan a child, my dear?", "What is the need to buy a new laptop now?" and many more of the sort. After all these are extremely private matters for any couple.

Deal with such issues with care as your partner might feel bad if you misbehave with your in-laws in anger. So be cool minded and handle them tactfully.

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