Different Stages Of Marriage: How To Deal With Them

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Stages of Marriage
Different stages of marriage call for different strategies to handle marital issues. Does it make marriage sound like a calculated political move? Well if you have to have be happy in your life after marriage then you have to make some calculated moves. This is not marriage advice for women to be scheming but just smart thinking that could make things easy for you. You need a thorough understanding of your marriage to get to the phases of your marriage.

Every marriage has 4 stages, that is if it lasts long enough. Let us take a look at the 4 phases of marriage and how to deal with them.

1. The Honeymoon Period: This in common wisdom is the most beautiful and romantic stage of any marriage. Unfortunately it is also very short lived. Every thing is fresh and new in this phase of marriage. It is the beginning of a beginning so it is all about excitement, desire and hopes for each other. There not much you can do in this stage because you will be in a daze, totally delusional with romantic ideas.

2. The Adjustment Period: This is the stage of marriage is when your actual life after marriage begins. It is also the period when you will have maximum fights. This is the time in your marriage when you stop trying to please each other and start being yourselves. Now you both will be actually living together at 'home'. Small things like a irritating habit of cleanliness or loud music, almost any thing could spark of a huge argument. Many marriages break-up in this period so be very careful. You have to understand that you are both new to each other. You are separate individuals brought up under different conditions so you will have to give each other time. Adjust to each other happily and don't keep comparing this period to the honeymoon period. Try not to lose your temper for small things and you will be fine.

3. The Mid-Life Period: After the fist few years of marriage this phase of marriage is a very long one. It will last until you turn 50. This will comprise the bulk of your life after marriage when you know your partner completely and can predict how he will react to a given situation. The fights will naturally reduce to only crucial ones like the issues involving children. Seems to be like a nice time? But be careful of the boredom that might settle into your marriage. Many marriages break up due to mid-life crisis. Try keep the light of passion burning.

4. Spending Your Last Years In Peace: This after your honeymoon period is the happiest phase of your marriage. This is the time when you retire from work, your children move out and you are left with each other. A couple is totally dependent on each other at this time and it can be called the second honeymoon.
To have a in-depth understanding of your marriage place yourself in one of these stages and function accordingly.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 18:28 [IST]
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