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Remember Dates For A Happy Marriage!

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Remember Special Dates
Do you remember the date of the day you saw your spouse for the first time or the time you actually talked to each other first? If you don't then you are missing an easy way to make your spouse happy. Remembering special days is one of the easiest and best ways to make a happy marriage. It makes your partner feel special and also gives the message that you are putting effort in ways to show love. Actually speaking not much efforts are required to make your marriage happy in this way but the impression is such.

Here are some easy ways to remember dates that are special in your relationship.

How To Remember Special Dates?

  • Mark On Calender: The best way to remember any special occasion is to mark it out on the calender. Just like you mark birthdays on the calender. Mark your special days too. You have to mark it out on a calender that you see everyday but don't do it on the huge calender hanging on your bedroom wall. If your spouse sees it, he/she will know and the surprise will be killed. Use a diary instead.
  • Copy Out From Old Calender: Whenever the year ends copy out the dates from the old calender to the new one. If you forget to do this your special days will be lost with the year gone by and you will be reduced to guessing.
  • Set Mobile Alerts: If you are not a very calender specific person, in other words organsied, then you can set mobile alert to remind you of the special days. Everybody uses a mobile phone and it is always with you, so it will be hard to miss when your phone beeps 'First Kiss Anniversary'! But always keep a back up in case you lose your mobile or it gets cocked off.
  • Fix A Flower Shop: You must always have a patent flower shop or gift shop from which you make these purchases to at least hope for some discounts. Imagine how many special dates you remember in a year; first kiss, first look, first talk etc. Another interesting way to show love to your spouse is send her flowers every Tuesday because you both met on a Tuesday.
  • Store On Social Networking Sites: If you don't want to risk your spouse finding out by saving alerts on your mobile phone then do the same on the Internet. A lot of social networking sites have these options and you could also get email alerts.
  • Keep Some Greeting Cards or Gifts Handy: It is always wise to keep a few small gifts or greeting cards as buffer for a happy marriage. What if you forget about the day till late in the evening? You can still give her the gift or card and say it was a surprise dinner plan all along.

Use these relationship tips to remember dates of the special days in your relationship.

Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 17:32 [IST]
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