5 New Year Resolution For Happily Married

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New Year Resolution
Looks like 2012 will be a year of weddings as many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities are planning to get into a wedlock. From Saif- Kareena to Genelia – Ritesh to Diya Mirza, everyone is planning to settle with their partners. Even Angelina and Brad Pitt have been quoting that their kids are insisting them to marry.

To get married, it is never difficult as life doesn't have a happy ending when the rings get exchanged (like the movies feature). Ironically, it is the beginning of responsibilities and understanding. To be happily married you will require rules! and those rules can be called as new year resolution as they have to be decided in the beginning of the year and followed throughout. Every year the rules can be updated and changed but rules are definitely planned.

Husband or wife, anyone will have to bend to situations and cope with their ego. Couple need to live life like friends rather than being in the realisation that they are husband and wife. There are some more tips or rather new year resolutions to follow for 2012. Take a look.

Already the world is seeming to end in 2012 so why get disastrous at home?, planned to live in peace and be happy!.

5 New Year Resolution For Happily Married

1. Never Be Rude – Things happen, life cannot be perfect always. As an educated partner, learn to handle damages without abusing spouse. Words are as fierce as knife so you never know when it can poke the person harder and spoil relationship. Always try to be mum in stressed situations, find solutions and deal with intelligence.

2. Never Get Impatient – Temperament issues are common reasons for split up in relationships. When things get worse, couple get impatient and fight unreasonably instead of handling situations. This is the where the true colours of the partner is known so be cool, think what needs to be done next rather than cribbing about past.

3. Never Complain And Compare – Mistakes are afterall done by humanbeings and not animals so do not make it a big deal by referring the level of the mistake. Big are small, give the person a chance to learn. It is your love, your soul mate who has done it so explain with love and care, that's the secret of a happily married couple.

4. Play Safe – Do not play a blame game always, learn to accept small mistakes and do not make the bigger mistakes appear big. Make your wife/husband to take things as easily as you do and even he/she will be the way you wished.

5. Learn To Please – Going for a travel, surprise with gifts and buy comfort, these things will make life more easy and peaceful. Exchanging gifts, remembering the important dates will make your partner feel that you do give a lot of importance to him/her.

Story first published: Monday, December 26, 2011, 12:14 [IST]
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