Doormat Wives And Henpecked Husbands

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Marriage life consists of a lot of scenes from life. At many times husbands and wives assume some extreme roles of tolerance that make them doormat wives or henpecked husbands. Let us analyze the distinct characters of doormat wives and henpecked husbands.

Stereotypes of doormat wives: A woman who always has the words 'my husband' . Her freedom being restricted she has no word in any aspect of her life. She unquestionably accepts her husband's say in all family decisions.

It is surprising to realize that some men don't even think what a woman wants. Finally she becomes a stereotyped wife. A doormat wife may be like she sits in the house fasting for a long life of the husband and waiting for him to have dinner. She often gets beaten up by her husband but instantly forgives him.

Hen-pecked husbands: A man who makes breakfast every morning. His wife will abuses him often in front of others. She controls him and scolds him in front of others. He may have no views of his own. He has to do all the work at home. A man controlled by his wife turns to be hen pecked in reality.

The husband keeps on buying jewellery to his wife every now and then. A henpecked husband will be more ridiculed because he is a disgrace to man who is the symbol of strength.

To be submissive is a tendency to submit without resistance. A submissive partner is someone who at complete cost of his/her own personal freedom and enjoyment always goes on sacrificing while your partner takes you for granted. They are people who are insecure and stick to their spouses because they have nowhere to go. This kind of relationship- the domineering and submissive type is a latent sado-machoistic relationship.

A strong man can earn respect not only from their wife but everyone in their household. A woman can gain respect only when she is strong. If there is a thorough understanding between the partners, there will not be question of submissiveness. In a marital life, you have to rely upon yourself first before submitting your will to the partner.

Story first published: Monday, July 9, 2007, 17:53 [IST]
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