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Valentine’s Day 2021: Date Ideas That You Can Try With Your Partner

Valentine's Day is all about spending time together with your partner and making each other feel special. Though there's no fixed day to let your partner know that you love him/her, still couples are eager to shower their love and affection on their partners. Couples often go on a movie and dinner date with their partner to have some quality time together.

If you are also excited to celebrate this day with your partner and are looking for some fresh and interesting date ideas, then we are here to help you with this. Today we have mentioned a few date ideas that are beyond dinner and movies.

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1. Prepare Morning Breakfast Together

One of the best ways to enjoy your Valentine's Day and have a memorable date is by preparing morning breakfast with your partner. After all, a famous saying goes by, couples who cook together, stay together. It could be possible that your partner isn't interested in cooking or doesn't know how to cook, you can still convince your partner to help you at least in the kitchen. Instead of making something quite fancy, you can think of preparing some simple things such as coffee, omelette, sandwich, sprouts salad and/or bread toast. Trust us, you will definitely enjoy preparing breakfast with your partner.


2. Go For A Couple Photoshoot

If you have always wanted to have pictures with your partner but couldn't do so, then this is the time when you should go for it. Hire a nice photographer in your budget and ask him/her to click some of your candid and beautiful pictures with your partner. If possible you can arrange the indoor photoshoot at your place. For this, you would need to get dressed up in your best clothes and shower love on each other. You can then cherish these pictures in the coming years.


3. Draw And Paint Together

Drawing and painting may seem a bit childish to you. But do you know that painting with your partner can be one of the interesting date ideas you can try on this Valentine's Day? You may not believe it but painting with your partner can seem interesting. Both of you can think of painting different things together. For example, you paint a portrait of your partner or a mountain scene.


4. Make An Album Of Your Relationship

Making an album of your beautiful pictures with your partner can be another beautiful date idea to celebrate your Valentine's Day. You can either buy an album to put your pictures in it or make a diy album at your home. You can also arrange the picture according to the date or some special occasion. This will help you in going through these pictures whenever you feel like cherishing the memories of your relationship.


5. Enjoy A Day At Vineyard

You can take a tour to a nearby vineyard with your partner to taste the vines. Away from the city crowd you can enjoy a day at a grapevine or vineyard. This will not only prove to be a great date but also help you in tasting some exotic vines. We bet you that your partner will definitely love to taste vine on this Valentine's Day.

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6. Go On A Staycation

Going on a staycation with your partner on Valentine's Day can be another fresh date idea that you can surely try. Instead of taking your partner to a fancy restaurant in your city, you can take your partner to explore a nearby hill station or historical place. This will not only prove to be a great vacation but will also give you some break from the same schedule. You will be able to explore new things and experience a change in your day-to-day life.


7. Meet Each Other’s Friend

If you are really bored of going on candle-light dinners or movies, then you can think of meeting each other's friends. You can also go on a double date. Invite your partner's friend and his/her partner on a dinner date or at your place. You can then laugh at each other's jokes and play some games. Not only this, but you can also enjoy delicious meals together while knowing more about one another.


8. Introduce Your Partner To Your Family Members

Introducing your partner to your family members can be one of the other best things that you can do on this Valentine's Day. We are sure that your partner may be eager to meet your family and get on good terms with them. So this Valentine's Day, make your partner feel special by taking him/her to meet your parents and other family members.


9. Enjoy Hot Water Bath Together

Taking a hot water bath with your partner is not only a great idea but also one of the romantic things to do on this Valentine's Day. In fact, if you and your partner haven't spent some good and cosy time together, then this is the time when you can think of having some steamy and soothing moments with your partner. You can spend hours enjoying each other's company while being cosy under the shower.


10. Knit Or Sew Cute Little Things

This is one of the stay-at-home date ideas that you can surely try on this Valentine's Day with your partner. Even if you aren't good at knitting sewing, you can at least try your hands at it with your partner. For this, you can either knit a scarf, muffler or socks. You can also go through the online tutorials to take help in knitting or sewing things.

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You may have a long list of unique date ideas, provided he/she really wants to spend the entire day with your partner. After all, there could be a wide variety of things that you will love doing with your partner. But whatever you try doing with your partner, make sure you aren't doing it just for the sake of it. Let love blossom between you and your partner. We hope you have a great Valentine's Day celebration with your partner.

Story first published: Friday, February 5, 2021, 17:24 [IST]