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9 Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Dating In Your 30s

We all need to understand one thing, that dating has no age. When dating in your 30s can be a bit different from dating in 20s because you are a decade wiser. Unlike in the 20s where many people are interested in casual relationships and flings, you may look for a serious relationship when you are in your 30s, someone who you feel will make you happy. There is so much that you need to know when you are all set to date someone in your 30s. Scroll down to read more about them.

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1. You Are Never Too Old To Fall In Love

There is a famous saying, 'Love has no age bar'. If you are genuinely in love with someone, then age doesn't matter. Similarly, you don't have to feel embarrassed if you are single or if you are dating someone in your 30s. If you are having feelings for someone then you don't have to worry about your age. After all, it is the true emotions, love, mutual understanding and compatibility that matter the most in a relationship.


2. Be Clear About Your Needs

You are no more in your 20s and we are sure that you must have figured out about what you want in your life. Similarly, you will be sure about whether you want a close relationship or a fling or just casual relationship. The past relationship experiences must have helped you to know what kind of person you want to date. In case, you are not sure about what you want from your relationship, then it is better that you sit back and analyse why you ended your past relationship. Was it the rude behaviour of your ex-partner? Or were you not willing to stay committed in the relationship?


3. You Won't Come Across A Perfect Partner

You need to accept the fact that humans are never perfect. Everyone has some of the other flaws in them and therefore, expecting your potential partner to be a perfect human is utter childish, to say the least. When you expect your partner to be a perfect human, your relationship may end up going towards the dead end. Rather than expecting your partner to be perfect, you can help him or her to become a better human.


4. There's Nothing Good About Holding On To Grudges

It can be possible that your past relationship, ended up with a bitter heartbreak. But that doesn't mean you will still hold on to the grudges. You don't have to drag the baggage of your relationship history or discuss what your ex-partner used to like or hate. These things have the least to do with your current relationship.


5. It's Good To Break Old School Rules

So you must have heard about those dating rules that say, 'call after two days', 'don't reply too soon', 'wear black shirt on your first date', 'do not go for a kiss on the first date' and many more. You just need to let these rules fly out of the window. Rather than feeling too pressurised by these rules, try to be comfortable in whatever you do. If you are sure that the person you are dating is of your type, then there is no need to follow any old school rules.

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6. You Can Try Online Dating Apps

Online dating applications have become a new trend in the world of dating if you are bored with the traditional way of dating. If you have a misconception that dating apps are for youngsters only, then you are wrong. Dating apps are extremely useful for helping people of any age find a suitable match. You can find several people having a similar notion of the relationship as you.


7. Be Who You Are

Pretending to be someone else and not feeling confident about yourself is not a good thing. If you think your partner won't be able to figure out that you are pretending to be someone else, then you may be wrong. This is because the person will eventually come to know about your true behaviour in some way or the other. However, when you are confident in your own skin, people will admire you even more.


8. Follow Your Instinct

If your gut instinct has something to tell you about a person, then do not ignore it. Following your intuition is always beneficial for you. For example, if your gut is telling that a particular person is not good for you, then you can re-consider your choice and analyse your relationship.


9. Be Open For Effective Communication

An effective communication is always essential in any relationship. While you are all set to date someone in your 30s, make sure you handle your relationship in a mature way by establishing effective and two-way communication. Try to listen more and understand what your partner wants to convey. This way your relationship will become strong and will make you feel happy.

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Being in your 30s is a wonderful thing and you must enjoy every moment of it. You can take a cue from your relationships in your 20s and give your best efforts in your 30s. With a youthful mind and positive attitude, you can surely bring the best out of your relationship.

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