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10 Weird Things That Your Man May Do To Make You Feel Jealous

Believe it or not, there are times when men may do some weird things to make their girlfriends jealous. Though jealousy in a relationship can tell that there are some insecurities in the relationship, it also shows how truly couples love each other. Men may try to tease their girlfriends by making them feel jealous.

However, they may intend just to witness the amount of love their girlfriends have for them. So, if you are wondering what are the ways through which a man can make you feel jealous, then scroll down the article to read more.

1. He May Compliment Other Women

This is one of the most common techniques used by a man to make his woman jealous. He may try to complement other women's fashion sense, the way they carry themselves, their cooking skills and many other things. They may think that you will find it as a flirtatious sign and therefore, you may fume with jealousy.

2. He May Try To Be More Chivalrous Around Other Women

So if you are wondering whether your man is trying to make you jealous, then you can try to look if he is being more chivalrous among other women. He may be courteous and gentleman but if you find him being extra polite and well-mannered all of a sudden among other women, then this could be a sign that he is trying to make you jealous.

3. He May Mention Other Women

This could be another sign that your man is trying to make you feel envious of other women. You may find him often mentioning other women while you are together. He may talk about his female colleagues or he may tell you about his college crush. He may try to share some cool stories about his female friends or about a beautiful girl that he came across in the streets.

4. He May Pretend To Call/Text His Ex-Partner

Now you probably wouldn't fancy if your man is calling or texting his ex-partner. You may find it annoying and frustrating as well. But what if your partner is pretending to be calling or texting his ex-partner in front of you? He may tell you how nicely they spoke to each other over a call after a long time. Or he may mention that he is missing his ex-partner out of the blue and wants to have a conversation with her.

5. He May Pretend To Be Interested In Knowing Your Girl Gang

Let's get this straight; your man may want to know your girl friends in a casual manner as they are your friends. But if you find him trying to enquire about them while he is least interested in knowing them, then this could be a sign that he is trying to make you feel jealous. He may do so to tease you and see you getting envious.

6. He May Try To Enjoy His Day Without You

He may pretend to be having a great time without you. He may tell you how you enjoyed his day without you or fun things that he did throughout the day. Also, he may praise how he utilised his time in exploring his hobbies and the way he had his peace of mind. These all together can hint to you that your boyfriend is trying to make you feel jealous.

7. He May Go On Trips With His Guy Friends

This could be another telltale sign that he is trying to make you feel jealous. He may often announce to you that he is going on some trips with his guy friends. Even if he has just returned from the trip a few days ago, he will again talk about planning another boys' trip. Though there can be times when he may not go for the trip but he will leave a chance to make you feel jealous by mentioning about the all-boys trip.

8. He May Pretend To Forget 'Your Plans'

You may have made a dinner date plan for you two and informed your man. But if he is trying to make you jealous, he may pretend to have forgotten the plan and therefore would ask you to cancel it. The reason why he does could be that he may think that canceling plans would make you believe that he no more cares for you. He may think that this will make you believe that he has something more important than you.

9. He May Ignore Your Calls & Messages

Ignoring calls and messages of your partner can be really bad. Your man may think that if he doesn't respond to your calls or messages, you may get mad at him. He may think that this will make you feel ignored and jealous. Therefore, if you feel that your man is not responding to your calls/messages all of a sudden, then this could be a sign he is trying to make you feel jealous.

10. He May Pretend To Hang Out With His Ex-Partner

Now, this could be one of the masterstrokes that your partner may try at you just to make you envious. He may come home and tell you that he spent his day with his ex-partner. Or he may announce that he is going to meet his ex-partner after a long time and therefore, he is quite happy. Though this may seem a bit fishy to you, it can also be a sign that he just wants you to feel jealous of his ex-partner.

Making your partner feel jealous just for mere fun can be acceptable and this could be only because your boyfriend wants more attention from you. He may do these things just to receive more love and affection from you.