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10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Really Serious About You And Truly Loves You

People say that it is difficult to understand women. However, the same applies to men too. One can never know what is going on in somebody's mind. When it comes to love, it can be complex at times, even for those who claim themselves to be a pro in it. In this era of casual hookups and online dating, finding someone who truly loves you is itself a challenge.

At times, men can be really interested in knowing whether their girlfriend is serious about them or not. Now, there is no parameter that can decide if someone is actually serious about you, but there are some signs that can help you in knowing whether or not your girlfriend genuinely loves you. You can scroll down below to read these signs:

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1. She Always Takes Care For You

Loving also means caring and therefore, one of the major signs that your girlfriend truly loves you is the way she takes care of you. When a girl truly loves a guy she will ensure that you are emotionally and physically healthy. In case you fall ill, she will be on her toes to ensure you are taking your medicines on time and eating healthy food.

Adish (26) a designer from Jaipur shares his views with Boldsky, "The way my girl cares for me, makes me feel so happy. She acts like my mom when it comes to my health."


2. She Happily Makes Sacrifices For You

If your girlfriend doesn't think twice before making any kind of sacrifice for you then it is a sign that she is truly in love with you. She will keep aside her work to help you with your important projects and other work. Moreover, in case you are travelling or staying out of the house late at night, she will sacrifice her ‘me-time' to talk with you and know your whereabouts.


3. She Gives You The First Priority

When it comes to you, she always gives you the highest priority. She will rarely choose anything else over you. For her, you are one of the best people in her life and therefore, anything related to you becomes quite important for her. "My girlfriend always gives me the first priority. I wonder why she always makes me her priority. Maybe it is her way of expressing her true love," mentions Adish.


4. She Motivates You to Achieve Your Goals

If you find your girlfriend motivating you to achieve your goals every single day then it is a sign that she is totally into you. Seeing you find success and grow career-wise will mean so much to her. Even during the darkest time, she never fails to encourage you. She trusts in your capabilities and therefore, pushes you to make the best use of it. "My girlfriend always motivates me to achieve my goals. Whenever I feel low, she is always there to encourage me," says Adish.


5. She Is Kind And CompassionateTowards You

Even if you annoy her like anything, she is always kind towards you. No matter how bad at times you behave, she will forgive you and will help you to become the best version of yourself. Also, when it comes to materialistic things, she is usually generous to you. She won't hesitate before spending money on you as she considers your needs as hers.

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6. She Always Looks Forward To Spending Time With You

Your girlfriend will always come up with ideas to spend time with you, even if she is tired, then understand that she is serious about you. She will always walk a mile extra to meet you and spend some happy moments with you. She will love it when you are around and therefore, wherever she goes, she always asks you to join her. But if in case you are tired and exhausted, she won't force you to hang out with her or explore new places.


7. She Is Your Best Friend And Advisor

No matter what, she will always listen to your agony and will give you the best advice. You can always count on her as she is always there for you. She always stays by your side and at times, she fights with you for silly things. She also helps you in solving your problems. In fact, she too considers you to be her best friend and advisor. She will carefully listen to your opinions and will make sure to implement them if possible.


8. She Loves To Dress Up For You

It can be possible that you and your girlfriend have different taste when it comes to clothing. But she loves to amaze you by dressing up for you. While dressing up, she will always keep in mind the sort of dress and makeup you like. The moment you compliment her, she feels herself to be at the top of the world. In order to make a moment special and unforgettable, she will always think about surprising you by beautifully dressing up for you.

Adish too says he loves whenever his girl dresses up for him. He says, "She knows how to fix my mood and therefore, she will wear those pretty earrings and dresses that I love. I love to see her in Indian attire while she feels comfortable in western. But she never fails to woo me by wearing Indian attire."


9. She Respects Your Loved Ones

She knows how much you care for your loved ones and therefore, she ensures that there is always respect and love from her side as well towards them. In order to get accepted by your loved ones, she will give her best and ensure to behave in a well-mannered way. She actually does things to please them and make them happy. This is because she knows how important they are for you.


10. She Never Takes You For Granted

Last but not least, you will rarely find yourself being taken for granted. She will always give importance to whatever you say or do. She will appreciate your efforts and the way you try to make feel special and loved. You can easily sense the way she feels when you do something to make her feel happy and safe. She never does a thing to embarrass you in front of your friends or colleagues and will make you feel important every now and then.

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There are no fixed guidelines that can prove whether your girl is serious towards you or not. If she is, you will just know it in your heart. If you know that, you mean everything to her; then ensure that you also do the same and make her feel loved. Probably that is the best feeling ever.

Disclaimer: The name and location of the individual have been changed to ensure privacy.

Story first published: Thursday, January 16, 2020, 13:00 [IST]