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10 Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

There are numerous stories about relationships and soul mates. You will find several theories that will tell you soul mates are actually twin flames that are a separation of a single soul into feminine and masculine energy. In other words, twin flames can be understood as a soul residing in two separate bodies. People may or may not believe in the concept of soul mates or 'twin flames,' but at some point in your life, you may wish to have a fruitful relationship with someone who makes you feel complete and happy.

At times you may come across some couples who adore each other in a beautiful way and are a perfect example of 'one soul residing in two bodies.' These couples may inspire you to find your twin flame. But if you are already in a relationship with someone and quite eager to know if he or she is your twin flame then here are some signs that can help you.

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1. You Feel An Inexplicable Initial Connection

The moment you meet each other for the first time, you feel an inexplicable connection with each other. By this, we do not mean to say that you will have a love at first sight. You may feel as if you have known the person since ages.

In fact, you might be the only one to find him or her at a place which is quite unusual and unexpected. Both of you may come across when either of you is in a problematic situation.

In addition to this, might be possible that both of you have a bad start, but deep inside your heart, you may feel connected to the person. He or she may keep popping up in your mind and no matter how hard you try, you just can't stop thinking about this person.


2. You Have A Strong Magnetic Pull Towards Each Other

No matter how mad you are at each other or how busy you are in your respective lives, there is always a strong magnetic pull between you two. Both of you look forward to staying close to each other, either in a platonic way or in a romantic way. Your face brightens up the moment you spot each other. Even if you try your best, you just can't withstand staying away from each other.

In fact, when you are together, people see you like an unstoppable force.


3. You And Your Partner Share A Telepathic Connection

One of the major signs of twin flames is that both of you share a telepathic connection. At times, you are able to sense what the other person is feeling or thinking. Both of you can easily get the same insights even if you are miles apart and can feel the same emotions even if it's nowhere related to the moment you are in while being distant.

In other words, you can sense your partner's emotions, thoughts and problems.


4. You Have Always Been Waiting For Each Other

The moment you meet each other for the first time, you realise that he or she is the person you've been waiting for so far. Your heart would tell you that he or she is the one you have always looked forward to having a meaningful relationship.

Also when you are together in person, you may end up saying the same things at the same time. A mere glance or even a simple 'hello' is enough for you to know what your soul mate is thinking.


5. You Are Well Aware Of Each Other's Weaknesses

As twin flames, you are well-aware of each other's vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Sometimes, you might feel that both of you have the same weaknesses and flaws.

Still, you don't feel uncomfortable in exposing your vulnerabilities and weaknesses in front of each other. In fact, you try to help each other in working on your respective weaknesses. You never have the fear of being judged by each other. And since you met, both of you have evolved into a better person with each other's help and effort.

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6. You Find Solace In Each Other

The moment both of you unite, you find solace in each other. You do not care about what the world thinks when both of you are together. Even if you are going through a tough time or feeling ill, just a small meeting can make you feel elated. All your sufferings seem to go out of the window when you are with this person.


7. You Are Like 'The Missing Puzzle' Of Each Other's Life

Your twin flame will always be your 'missing puzzle.' You will find them as your mirror, who helps you in knowing yourself better. He or she will provide you the answers of the questions you always had in your mind. You will often find them as the energy you have been lacking so far. For example, suppose you are intuitive and your twin flame may be rational. One of you might be impulsive, the other one calm and cautious.


8. You Have Unconditional Love For Your Partner

No matter what, you and your partner have unconditional love for each other. You tend to love each other without any expectations or negative feelings. There comes a time when you start leaving behind your ego and grudges. This love will help you walk out of all the negative feelings about your life and enjoy life in its fullest.


9. You Give Your Best In The Presence Of Your Partner

You give your best in the presence of your partner as you are constantly motivated by him or her; both of you never fail from motivating each other. Before taking an important decision, you tend to discuss it with your partner. Even if you are going through individual issues, you always support each other. The presence of your partner fills you with positive energy and brings out the best in you.


10. You Still Have Your Freedom And Space

Though both of you are quite attached towards each other and can't stay apart, you enjoy your freedom and personal space. You never feel that your personal space is getting hampered by your partner. Moreover, you do not put any restrictions on each other. In fact, you have trust on each other.

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Did you recognise most of the signs in this article? Well, then it is pretty clear that you have already met your twin flame. However, finding the twin flame is not enough. In order to have a fruitful and happy relationship with your twin flame, make sure you keep aside your ego and do not hold any grudges in your heart. But if you haven't find your twin flame yet, don't lose your heart as you might be close to crossing paths with your other half.

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