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10 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship That You Must Know

All of us want to be in a relationship that is full of love and happiness but there are times when one may end up being in a completely opposite one! People who have been into a toxic and bad relationship may wish to have a healthy relationship with their partner. But a healthy relationship isn't a thing that can be achieved in a day. No relationship can be perfect and happening from the very beginning. It is the equal and honest efforts of the couples that make a relationship strong and healthy.

In order to make your relationship healthy and happy, you need to know about certain characteristics of it. Scroll down the article to read more.

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1. There Is Always An Effective Communication

A relationship without effective communication will often lead to misunderstandings in the relationship. When you and your partner do not share thoughts with each other or talk about problems, challenges and sort out the issues, then this can lead to severe consequences. You and your partner may end up cooking things in your heads. This can further bring unnecessary arguments and fights.


2. Trust Forms The Base Of The Relationship

A strong and healthy relationship always stands on trust and honesty. When you and your partner trust each other, it helps you in strengthening your relationship and keeping problems at bay. But when you are dishonest and do not practice fidelity, this may lead to several misunderstandings in the relationship. In such a case, your partner won't trust you for even small things. He/she may be doubtful for putting trust in you.


3. Couples Respect Each Other’s Personal Space

All of us need our personal space to rejuvenate ourselves. Just because you are in a relationship with someone that doesn't mean you can't have your personal space. Your personal space is quite for you and there's nothing wrong in stealing a moment or two to have your ‘me-time'. Similarly, you should respect your partner's personal space as well. Intruding his/her personal space may irritate your partner to a great extent. Also, this shows that you do not care about your partner.


4. Both Partners Give More Priority To Their Relationship

Different people have different priorities such as someone may give more priority to their career and family. But at the end of the day, you need to understand that your relationship also needs to be prioritised. Ignoring your partner just because you are prioritising an outing with your friends. Spending quality time with your partner after a busy day can help you in making your relationship strong and healthy.


5. Couples Have A Great Mutual Compatibility

Having mutual compatibility in a relationship is quite important to make a relationship healthy. When you share compatibility with your partner, you learn to accept their choices and preferences. You eventually find a common ground to share similar views and thoughts. But when you lack mutual compatibility, your relationship may weaken and break in the course of time. This is because you may not be able to adjust to each other.


6. Both Partners Share A Strong Emotional Intimacy

Many people think that physical intimacy is more important than emotional intimacy. But do you know emotional intimacy is one of the most important factors for a healthy relationship? Emotional intimacy is a space where you and your partner are able to share each other's thoughts, opinions, views and problems. You are able to emotionally connect with your partner and share what's in your heart. When you are emotionally well-connected, this can help you in making your relationship stronger and happier.


7. There Is No Room For Blame Game

We are humans and as humans, we often commit mistakes. One can't be perfect but one can surely admit his/her mistakes. Taking responsibility for your mistakes will never make you a bad human being. Passing blame on your partner to keep your image clean is not a good thing to do. As a couple, you and your partner must try to sort out the problem with the help of a problem-solving approach. Only then, your relationship can be a healthy one.


8. Couples Genuinely Care For Each Other

As a couple, you need to take care of each other's needs. If you think bringing gifts and flowers for your partner is enough to strengthen the relationship, then you may be wrong. It is extremely important to care for your partner and make him or her feel important. Even if you are quite busy due to your hectic schedule, you can still ask your partner if he/she had food and is doing good or not.


9. The Relationship Has Forgiveness And Kindness

Forgiveness is as important as it is to accept your mistakes and improve yourself. If your partner is seeking forgiveness for his/her mistakes then you must leave behind your grudges and forgive him/her. Being kind towards your partner, especially when he/she admits his/her mistakes is essential. We understand that you may be hurt due to your partner's behaviour and words but what's the point in staying angry even when your partner genuinely seeks forgiveness.


10. Both Partners Appreciate Each Other’s Efforts

There can be times when you may take your partner for granted. This can make your partner feel dejected and sad. Therefore, take out some time to appreciate your partner for their regular efforts. Tell your partner how amazing and beautiful he/she is. Acknowledging your partner's effort in keeping the relationship alive and healthy is a great thing.

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Apart from the above-mentioned points, it is extremely important that you are committed to your partner. Unless you aren't committed to your partner and relationship, you won't be able to give your best. As a result, your relationship may not be a healthy one.

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Story first published: Monday, May 11, 2020, 16:00 [IST]