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Will He Be True To Me And To This Relationship?

Every woman has the insecurity of her boyfriend or partner leaving her. It is natural for every woman in love to be concerned with this question, “will he be true to me and to this relationship?”

The nature of every relationship is different. This doesn’t change the mind of a woman. Every woman you see in a relationship has this question at the back of her mind. She tries it hard to feel secure in her relationship, but in the end, does allow this question to trouble her mind.

Questions such as, “why do men cheat in a relationship?”, “why can’t men ever be loyal?” and “why is it so difficult for men to not cheat?” are some of the relationship questions that no one has given a definitive answer to till date.

There are no proper answers for it because relationships, in general, are very complex in nature. Each relationship has its own specific attributes and it is very difficult to observe and generalize the reasons for cheating.

Most marriages shatter for infidelity. This is one of the reasons why a lot of women get psyched at the thought that their man would cheat on them. Some women have crazy propensity to pry on their men.

So, for all the psyched ladies out there worrying about their men and their faithfulness, this article will help you ease. This article comprises of some certain behavioural patterns and observations. You just have to be on the lookout for these signs.

How To Know He Is Being Loyal?

1. He Is Honest In Nature

He exhibits honesty as his priority towards you. He is always honest with you whether it is about the little things or important ones. He tells you the truth about what he does every day. He has zero problems with being open. He always expresses to you about each and everything.

2. He Keeps You In The Loop

He keeps you in the loop for each and everything he does. Anything particular that he does, he talks about it and keeps you informed. You don’t even have to message or call him to ask about his whereabouts. You don’t even have to ask him if he is busy with his work.

You don’t have to keep asking him about things to do. You don’t have to ask him about what’s bothering him. He will naturally say all this to you and will keep you informed about every single thing he does. He would never make you feel excluded at all.

3. He Stays Occupied

He is mostly occupied with his work and other than that he keeps himself occupied, being with you. He never gets involved in any kind of other activities that keep him away from you. If he’s always getting caught up with his work, then he really doesn’t have time for having an affair.

4. He Has Cleared His Past Differences

Neither is he dwelling on old memories nor is he inclined to having any contacts with women with whom he had relationships in the past. Most of the time, men cheat on their current women with their previous relationships. If your man has burned all bridges with his past, then you don’t have to worry much about him cheating on you. He won’t do it. It means that he has moved on from his past and has no inclination towards it.

5. His Approach Towards You Is Always With Love

His approach towards you is with eternal love and he thinks nothing other than giving you the love that he feels for you.

If you see these signs in your partner, then be certain that he is loyal and committed to you. If you see these traits missing in your partner, then be certain he isn’t loyal. Love is all about giving. If he is not in love with you then he won’t do these above-mentioned things for you.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 10:00 [IST]