When Love Is The Greatest Ability

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

It is a general human tendency to try to appear attractive in front of the people you are fond of. This is all the way truer if the person concerned is someone you love and in turn wants to be loved by the same person.

It is at this point that all your flaws start staring at you on the face and you end up feeling more and more insecure about the same. Flaws which did not feel like one would suddenly appear to be massive and you will end up wondering how you are going to spend the rest of your life with it.

 When Love Is The Greatest Ability

Now, this problem becomes all the way more grave when you have been inflicted with some physical disabilities. Since childhood, you and your near and dear ones put in the best of efforts to make sure that the disability does not come in the way of your success.

Then, comes a point when you fall in love with a person and that is when you fear that this time your disability will hinder your road to happiness.

However, if the love is real, all of this will become secondary and the other person will be able to see through all your shortcomings and still continue to love you. This is exactly what happened in the case of Amita and Anand.


A Life That Is Bound

Amita was only eight years old when she met with an accident that left her crippled for life. Following years of treatment, the doctors gave in and finally told her that this young girl would have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair and that there was nothing much that they could do about it.


The Lifestyle Adjustments

Following the initial shock that befell her and her immediate family, Amita was able to adjust her lifestyle to cater to her changed needs.

She soon found her knack and realized that she was a very good painter. Thus, she decided to invest in the same and following her class 12 boards, she enrolled in an art school.


As Accolades Follow

From the moment Amita stepped into an art school, she was able to carve a niche for herself. She excelled in all her papers and her works made their way to exhibitions across the globe.

It was right from the college days that Amita started achieving global recognition. By the time she graduated out of the college, Amita believed that art was her first and last love.


Settling Down

Following her completion of studies, Amita focused on her work. As she was a differently abled person, she felt that no boy would ever like her.

In fact, she did not even feel the absence of a man in her life. She was very happy in her own small world that comprised of herself, her parents and the world of love.


When Views Change

It was in one of her exhibitions that she met Anand. An admirer of art, he was there with his friends. Amita overheard him talking to his friends.

There was something about the way he spoke about art that attracted her to him. However, she knew that he was ‘out of bounds' and dismissed her feelings as a mere infatuation.


When Art Is Love

Anand was fascinated by one particular painting. It was one of a mother and child. On asking from the organizers, he was told that this was done by Amita, one of the budding new artists. He was all the way more curious to meet this girl.


The Meeting

Thus, on his insistence, the organizers arranged for a meeting between the two. Amita was told that a fan wanted to meet her. Little did she know that this fan was the same guy she had a crush on.

Because of its sheer nature, the meeting between the two turned out to be an awkward one. But the best thing about this meeting was that it was a case of ‘love at first sight' for Anand.


What Followed Here After?

The first meeting had them exchange numbers, which in turn led to one meeting after another. Amita and Anand soon became the best of pals. It was on one such meeting that Anand asked Amita out.


The Shock

Totally unaware of Anand's feelings for her, Amita was taken by shock by the proposal. All along she had felt that she was not worthy of this guy and now the guy himself wanted to date her.

All at once all her insecurities came barging at her and she realized that she could not give Anand the normal life that he deserved. This made her reject the proposal.


The Persuasion

Anand came to know of Amita's insecurities and took it upon himself to get rid of the same. This was followed by months of careful talking and making her understand of her self-worth and value.

Finally, all of Anand's efforts did bear fruit and Amita learned to value herself. She did consent for the marriage.


The Next Hurdle In The Path

After Amita was persuaded into the marriage, the next challenge that lay in front of the couple was to convince Anand's parents about the same. They were not interested in having a wheelchair-bound daughter-in-law into the household.

However, it was the couple's love and faith in each other that made them convince the two families involved about the sanctity of their feelings for each other. Eventually, both the families agreed to the marriage.


A Love Story That Ends Happily

Today, both the households are busy in the wedding preparations. The couple is going to exchange the vows in less than 48 hours.

Both sets of parents and extended families are going lengths to ensure that the marriage goes on perfectly. After all, this type of a one-of-a-kind love story does deserve a picture-perfect ending.

Here is wising the lovely couple a lifetime of marital bliss, as they get bound in the vows of marriage.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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