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    Love Story: When Love Can’t Be Separated

    By Shatavisha Chakravorty

    Many people are of the belief that there is a right age to fall in love. They feel that once their education is over and they are well off on a professional front, only then must they consider the idea of marriage.

    However, these people do not know that the arrow of cupid can strike anyone at any given time. That is why, it is all the way more important that love that happens at an early age should not be discarded as a mere infatuation. It is often seen that this type of love is the one that survives decades.

    when love can't be separated

    This is because the more time a love is given to blossom, the better the couple will get to know each other and the stronger the relationship will be. Read on to know more about Ragav and Naina whose relationship is very close to being an ideal one.


    School Time

    Living just next door to each other, five year olds Raghav and Naina were the best of pals. They were literally inseparable. As the years went by, this friendship soon fostered into love and the two lovebirds would be seen by each other's side all the time.


    The Social Acceptance

    However, this did not go very well with their family members who upon finding out about the same reprimanded both of them. They even went to the extent of complaining about the same to the teenagers' class teacher in order to ensure that this sort of activity is not encouraged in the school premises as well. After all, that wasn't the right age to fall in love.


    The Separation

    As the years rolled by, Raghav and Naina completed their board exams. Ragav excelled in the exams and went to a medical school to pursue the dream of becoming a doctor.

    Naina in turn went to a fashion school. This called for four years of separation. All through these years, the couple was well in touch and the relationship blossomed.


    The Reunion

    After graduating, it was time for both Raghav and Naina to build their careers as a doctor and a fashion designer, respectively. This required that they select a city to settle down in.

    After much discussion with each other, both of them arrived at the conclusion that settling down in the city of Mumbai would be the most feasible one for both their careers. This was followed by a period of reunion, where the couple got into a live-in relationship and made up for all that they had lost out in their student days.


    The Next Level

    After being in a live-in relationship for over five years, both Raghav and Naina were in a good position in their respective careers and they were now ready to take their relationship to the next level. That is when they decided to speak to their respective families about the same.


    The Refusal

    On a sad note, things did not go as expected. Both the sets of families opposed this relationship, saying that this was a childhood infatuation that was being taken way too far. They refused to allow the couple to marry each other.


    Rising Above The Hurdles

    For a relationship that had survived for more than one-and-a-half decade, the couple knew that this was the thing to be. Hence, when the family refused to see their love even after months of persuasion, the couple decided to have a registry marriage in the court.


    The Journey Thereon

    Today, over three years since their marriage, the couple is leading a happy life in their posh apartment in Bandra, Mumbai. Even today their family has not accepted their marriage. But that does not affect them any longer. They have built a small world for themselves and they are happy in the same.

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    Story first published: Sunday, January 14, 2018, 12:30 [IST]
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