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    When Distance Does Not ‘Clash’

    By Shatavisha Chakravorty

    Distance can never come in the way of true love. This fact has been reiterated to us a number of times in the form of English novels and Bollywood movies. However, many people are of the belief that most love stories these days (particularly the ones concerning young boys and girls) are based on lust and physical attraction and will not survive the test of distance. But, this is far from being true.

    In fact, it is pretty fair to say that today's love is as pure and complete as that of the yesteryear's generation. The form of kindling and maintaining the same may have differed; however, the essence of love remains the same.

    long distance relationship

    Another point to be noted here is the fact that today's generation is the one that has moved way beyond the narrow shackles of caste and ethnicity and is now exploring wider horizons in the pursuit of love.

    With flight rates dropping by the minute, today people have the means and the resources to be able to afford the same. This is true even in cases when the money has to be stored hideously away from the knowledge of parents.

    With this, if the relationship is true, distance is just a number and every nautical mile brings a smile. Read on to know about the interesting love story of Simran and Vivaan.


    The ‘He’ Part

    Vivaan was an active gamer. You name the game; and he'd played it all. An active gamer with a level 8 town hall, being added to a new video game group was nothing out of the blue for this young lad. Thus, when this brought-up-in-Assam boy was added to a ‘Kannada' group in the video game, he was not surprised. To him, it was just a game and what is life, if not all about gaming?


    The ‘She’ Part

    Simran was a Kannadiga who grew up in Gujarat. She was no gamer; but when she took to the clash that happened in the video game, it was natural that her friends added her to their group called the Kasturi Kannada. Simran was new to the game but was catching up very soon.


    When Love Is More Than ‘Just A Game’

    It was during one such war preparation in the online video game that Vivaan was teaching Simran how to attack a Level 2 base. Now, for a group that was as big as the Kasturi Kannada group, talking about a level 2 base was a waste of time. Thus, their communication about the same in the group chat was frowned upon by the other group members. It was then that Vivaan asked for Simran's number and the foundation of a lifelong relationship was sown.


    From Exchanging Numbers To Exchanging Hearts

    What began as a mere ‘professional talk' soon found its way to personal and often intimate talks. As this continued, in less than a month Simran realized that she has found the love of her life.


    The Initial Hesitation

    Although Simran was aware of her feelings for Vivaan, she disregarded it as a mere infatuation or crush. I mean how can someone fall for a person they haven't even met? Moreover, she did not even know if Vivaan liked her in the first place.


    The Grand Proposal

    But the arrow of cupid had not just struck only to the Gujarat-grown girl. As their conversation progressed, with each passing day, Vivaan was falling more in love with Simran. After a couple of months, he did muster the courage to make the video call and ask her out. For that one video call, Vivaan had set the perfect ambiance (complete with lighting, soft music and all of that). This was something that Simran could not say a ‘No' to, and soon Simran and Vivaan embarked on a journey of togetherness.


    The Preparation

    With the relationship having a kick-start, friends started to notice a lot of change in Vivaan. The prodigal lad was now saving up money. In a couple of months, he had saved up enough to afford a round trip from Guwahati to Bangalore.

    After all, that's where his lady love dwelled. This did take a lot of efforts. For anyone going to a new city for the first time, it is not easy. This is all the way truer if one does not know the local language.

    In Vivaan's case, it not only involved saving up enough money but also keeping the matter a secret from his parents at home and lecturers in college. But like they say, if you really want something, the whole world will conspire in helping you get that. That is exactly what happened in Vivaan's case and he was able to make the journey.


    The First Meeting

    Simran was ready to leave for her classes when she got a call from Vivaan asking her to collect a parcel from her hostel gate. She was pleasantly surprised at the idea of receiving an unexpected present from the boy she loved.

    She rushed to the gate. The ‘gift' that she saw left her speechless. On the other side, the look of joy on her face made the entire tiring journey (and the intricate planning that went into achieving the same) a totally worth one.


    The Days That Followed

    Following this first meeting, Simran and Vivaan were able to spend a couple of days together before Vivaan headed back to Guwahati. It was during this period that they got to know each other all the way better.

    With each passing moment, both Simran as well as Vivaan were falling deeper and deeper in love. That first visit of Vivaan sealed their relationship with the promise of a lifetime of companionship. Both of them realized that this was something that was just meant to be.


    Journey Hereon

    Today, five years have passed since their first meeting. Ten more meetings have succeeded that one. Whenever possible, Simran flies down to Guwahati. Vivaan does the same.

    They now plan to introduce each other to their respective families. With both Vivaan and Simran having completed their master's degree, the couple now intends to settle down.

    Although the online video game is a thing of the past now, the love that Simran and Vivaan found through this platform is one that is ready to take the next big leap of marriage. Here is wishing the lovely couple a happy married life.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 12:00 [IST]
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