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Things You Should Never Say To Your Sensitive Girlfriend

There are things you should tell your partner and then there are things you should never tell your partner. Now comes the approaching part to a sensitive partner. Having a sensitive girlfriend is one of the luckiest thing ever. They are amazing human beings. Girlfriends who are sensitive in nature, tend to be more caring, honest and trustworthy partners.

You must have fallen in love with a lady as such at some point of time or the other. Sensitive girlfriends are great human beings. They showcase the inner beauty with caution and care.


They always keep the safety mode on and take very good care of their relationship. They understand problems, add suggestions, motivate you and mostly love you dearly.

There are many pros that come with a sensitive girlfriend. There are also certain cons of being with them.

They understand emotions very well and they get deep into the depth of every emotion bringing out the love and at the same time other unwanted emotions out. There are definite things you should never say to your sensitive girlfriend and you should be well aware of it.

Things You Should Never Say To Your Sensitive Girlfriend And Why?

1. Don't Be So Emotional, Be Realistic

You have no idea how hard it hits the heart of a sensitive girl. This not only kills the joy of them being in a relationship but it also curbs them down to think of love as a red zone for them. When you tell them such things it makes them feel that they are doing it wrong and should not be this sensitive. Girls who are very sensitive in nature mostly dwell in their emotion and the feel very connected to them. Asking them not to be is a disrespect to who they are and you should never put such statement.


2. You Should Be Fast Forward Rather Than Being Slow

A sensitive girl doesn't like to rush into anything. They take their own time. They contemplate a lot more than anyone else and this makes them a bit slow then they eventually are. She tries to go through all possible areas where she thinks it is necessary to know where she stands. She likes covering all the areas before treading deeper. So, you shouldn't ever tell your sensitive girl to be more swift and fast. Accept her the way she is. She will give you more happiness in that way.

3. You Overthink A Lot Which You Shouldn't

It is not over thinking but it is measuring the possibilities in each and everything. Girlfriends who are sensitive in nature, tend to divulge a lot into the zone of thinking. They love to figure out possible ways in order to analyse every aspect of the situation. You need to understand this and rather be more supportive.

4. It Is Hard To Be With You

Never ever say a sentence like this to your sensitive girlfriend. She will break down. Don't make her feel like she is being a burden to you. When you tell her something like this, you are questioning her existence. You will make her feel like she is not worthy of ever being around other people.

5. You Are An Attention Seeker

Sensitive girlfriends are not the attention seeker. They are more of a person who would give attention to all the details in the picture. It appears they are attention seeker because they feel that they need the help of their near and dear ones. Sensitive girlfriends seek help but not attention.

Sensitive girlfriends can be the best ever relationship partner. All you need to know is how to communicate without hurting their sentiments. Once you master that, it would become easy for you to dwell in the relationship.

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