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    6 Things You Need To Know When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Lover

    Best friend turned out to be your lover and you both are in a happy relationship. That's a miracle and the happiest relationship you can ever be in.

    Normally, people try to make partners their best friend by telling them about each and everything. But think if it is the opposite way. Your best friend has become your life partner. Just wonder the beauty of that relationship and how lucky the couple will be.

    best friend

    Knowing each other's every little thing, the couple doesn't even have to work hard in their relationship. This is because the relationship that they are in now is based on friendship first and the way they had their friendship the relationship goes the same way and there is no chance of any mishap happening.
    These kinds of relationships are a boon to people.

    6 Things You Need To Know When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Lover:

    1. Intense Intimacy:-

    The level of intimacy cannot be explained in this relationship. The couple shares such strong bonds that the intimacy level just keeps increasing and there is no decrease in its level.
    As best friends earlier, they already know each other's fantasies and this creates the way for such level of intimacy.

    2. You Give People Couple Goal Ideas:-

    Your relationship becomes a trendsetter for others to follow in your group as you come out being the powerhouse of relationship goals.
    You make people have bucket-lists of doing things that never did they imagine doing.
    As a couple, you don't stop spreading the love far and wide and thus you become your near and dear one's couple goals trendsetter.

    3. Relationship Becomes Playground Of Pranks:-

    Even after becoming lovers and getting into a relationship, you still continue playing pranks on each other. This shows how strong your relationship is and you act as friends more than partners.
    You never fail to cease a moment, wherein you can prank each other and this shows the level of understanding you have for the other person, as you are always ready for your prank at any particular moment and your partner knows how to counter-act.

    4. Deep Understanding:-

    You don't have to speak each sentence for them to understand you deeper.
    As a couple, you have the highest level of understanding for each other and this is the way for your relationship to reach heights.
    You are most comfortable with each other for this matter.

    5. Always Have Something To Converse About:-

    You guys never run out of topic for there is always something or the other to talk about. As best friends, you know each other so well that you both vibe at the same pace always and you don't have to find topics to converse. They are always on the tip of your tongue. All you got to do is spill it out in front of your partner.

    6. The Thought Of Growing Old Together Never Bothers You:-

    At no point of time, you feel you are bothered about growing old with each other. That is the beauty of such relationships.You don't act like lovers for which growing old might bother you. 

    As friends, you continue leading life and that is how you become happy with growing old together and never bother about it.

    Best friend turning lover is the best kind of relationship one can ask for and it is the epitome of happiness, which is mostly felt in this kind of love.

    There is honesty, faithfulness, friendship, love, sex, and beauty of having each other's back, support system, etc.

    You just don't feel you are in a commitment as a partner, rather you feel you are having heaven on earth and that is the way you both lead your love life.

    Story first published: Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 18:34 [IST]
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