Signs That Your Woman Is Seeing Another Man

By Tanya Ruia

Cheating is a major issue that lovers face since the time the emotion, love was induced in a human soul. That is why it is said: "actions speak louder than words", which means that staying in love is far greater than falling in love.

Women are more impulsive than men and it is very easy to find out if a man is cheating or not but very difficult to find out if a woman is cheating or not. Women are really smart in hiding things and can cheat also with grace.

woman is seeing another man

Men cannot be impulsive and doubt their woman if they are not picking up their calls or don't show up for some time. To doubt a woman takes a lot of research. So how can men find out if their lady is cheating or not?

Let's see what are the signs that say if your woman is seeing another man:

Lack Of Emotional Bond

If your girl stops sharing what she has been doing the entire day, how her day was at work, what she has been doing for so many days, what she is going through, etc., these are the signs that she is drawing herself back from the emotional bond that she used to share with you.

It might be a possibility that someone else has been taking that space and would be sharing that with her. If she doesn't bother to ask you either about your emotions as well, this is also a very positive sign of her asking the same to another man.

Changing Passwords

Might sound very kiddish, but if she has changed her phone passwords and other passwords that were known to you, then it might be that something is fishy. If she is not able to produce a genuine reason as to why she did that, then there are chances that someone else is there whom she is hiding about. There cannot be another reason behind changing the passwords, but you have to be a bit alert regarding it.

Not Being Much Socially Active

If she has been tagging you regularly in memes and posts and putting up pictures and stories with you since a long time and stops all of this all of a sudden, then there might be a chance of her seeing another man.

In order to impress another man and make him sure of you two's breakup, she would have stopped being socially visible with you. There might be a reason for family or something else also, but this could be a sign too. Before it is too late, ask her why is she not being socially active with you.

Changing Weekend Plans

If she is stopping and avoiding making hangout plans with you and going out with some other friends or some other guy, then there might be a chance that some other player has come to make a goal in your court.

If rather than spending her weekend with you, she lies and goes with someone else, this is a very strong message and a sign of her seeing another man. It is okay if she is telling you the truth and going with someone else, but when lying and hiding has come into the picture, then it is a serious matter.


If she used to love everything about you till the last month but starts poking you about certain things and starts comparing you with a person of whom you have no idea about at all, then this is a very strong sign that you should be taking really seriously.

There must be someone different than you whom she must be leaning towards. Before it is too late, make your game plan strong and find out who the opponent is.

Not So Cozy

There might be days when she will not feel like getting cozy and intimate, but if it is happening on a regular basis, then there might be something fishy. If she is seeing someone else, then on a regular basis she might feel irritated of your touch and coziness.

She would have been liking someone else's arms and coziness. If she is not letting you even cuddle her properly, then there are chances that someone else is cuddling her better.

Lying Continuously

This could be one major sign that might be telling you that she is seeing someone else. Unusual sudden plans with a friend whom you don't know about, lying about random calls, hiding her gallery, locks all over the messages, giving some lame excuses of not meeting you, and not giving enough time, all these speak a lot. If you are somehow able to find out from her friends that she is not with them either, then there is definitely something fishy.

It could be a possibility that some things can be co-incidences and so can be the above points. But this doesn't mean that you ignore them always.

But before getting on to any conclusion and accusing her of cheating, it will be advisable to collect enough evidence to make your point strong. Don't make up a story by yourself and start accusing all of a sudden. Observe the signs carefully, collect enough information, and then confess.

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