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    Relationship And Happiness: How To Stay Happy In Long Distance Relationships?

    Long distance relationships can be hard. Going through a relationship crisis in a long distance relationship is harder. This article will help you understand the reasons behind it. It will guide you to know how a relationship and happiness go hand-in-hand.

    Long distance relationships can be dreadful for the couples. The fear of losing each other haunts their mind every moment. Distance has always created gaps in relationships. And people who give in to these gaps generally lose their love and the relationship.

    long distance relationships

    What Is A Long Distance Relationship?

    A relationship where two people are in love but stay far away from each other. This results in not having frequent meetings with each other. It is one of the most dreaded relationships. It is also a love testing relationship for the couple. A long distance relationship may work as a charm. It also can play havoc with couples who dwell in this relationship. It all depends on the couples on how they work it out.

    What Make Couples Unhappy In A Long Distance Relationship?

    There are a lot of reasons that make them unhappy. These reasons are emotional and at times physical. Problems like trust issues, infidelity, etc. can be the reasons.

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    How To Stay Happy In A Long Distance Relationship?

    To stay happy in a long distance relationship, there are certain tips you need to follow as a couple. These tips about long distance relationships will help you and your partner. It will help in understanding the values of each other and how to work the relationship out of a danger zone to a happy era.

    Long Distance Relationship Tips You Need To Follow

    1. Communicate But Not In Excess

    It's good to have a proper communication with your partner while in a LDR. But if you are overdoing it, you and your partner will finally end up having nothing to talk about. This is when you and your partner start having absurd conversations. These brutal conversations kill the happiness.

    Excessive communication makes you and your partner get bored of having a prolonged conversation. This usually results in having a loss of interest and leads to gaps in communication. Thereby, the relationship fails to stay happy.

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    2. Make It An Opportunity

    If you are and your partner are getting into a LDR, as a couple you both should take it as an opportunity. It will help you both understand each other in a better way. A long distance relationship is often considered as an experience. Couples, when they get into a LDR, think of the act to be an understanding of each other and to see if they can sustain this phase. They take it up as a test and it helps in each possible way.

    3. Have Some Ground Rules

    As a couple, you both need to be clear with what you expect of each other during this relationship. Set some ground rules that would help each other and not take either of you by surprise. For instance, are you both exclusive? Is it okay for either of you to go on dates? What is the commitment level? It is always better to be open with each other about all these things and not hide anything within.

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    4. Have Dirty Talks

    It helps! Talking dirty with your partner keeps the fire of the relationship alive. You and your partner should get along and have dirty talks to keep the relationship alive. The intimacy level helps with these dirty talks. You need to know that the cravings for being physical are always there. But when you are away, these dirty talks get you and your partner going.

    5. Keep Away From Dangerous Situations

    If you know your partner doesn't like you going to pubs, discotheques, etc., then you should avoid it. Situations where you and your partner might get into a clash are dangerous. Try to avoid these situations as much as you can.

    6. Do Similar Things

    If you and your partner like reading books, then start reading the same book. You might be miles apart but the book pages will connect you. You will feel connected. You can also watch a TV series, play sports, etc.

    7. Plan Visits To Each Other

    It is necessary to meet each other. So plan it out. Take some time off your schedule and plan a trip to your partner's place of stay. Else you both can plan a trip together. It is necessary to meet at a point of time in the relationship. The ignition of love has to be there.

    8. Have Couple Goals

    Having independent goals is necessary. It is also a necessity to have couple goals. This helps you and your partner aim for the future of your relationship. It makes it easier for you and your partner to work for your relationship. Without a goal in the relationship, it feels hard to be with each other.

    9. Be Honest With Each Other

    Another most important part of a long distance relationship is honesty. You and your partner must be honest with each other and that is the only way you can hold on to the love shared by each other. Honesty takes the relationship into a depth of reality of love for each other.

    10. Learn Each Other's Schedule

    You and your partner should know each other's schedule. This prevents conflicts and helps you and your partner in sustaining the love. It is very helpful to know when your partner is busy and when he/she is free. By knowing, you can drop a text or make a call at the right time.

    You would never want to disturb your partner when he/she is in the middle of a class. It is good to know the small and big events that are taking place or will take place in each other's life. This is especially when the both of you are living in different time zones or in different countries.

    11. Stay Connected On Social Media

    It helps a lot in long distance relationships. Staying connected through social media helps in knowing your partner's daily activities. So, go ahead, tweet each other, send memes that would make them laugh, forward some GIFs, etc.

    12. Give Something Personal To Hold On To

    It is good to give something personal to each other. This keeps you both in holding on to something precious of each other. It is a token of their love and their presence with you and vice versa. It acts as a souvenir and a feeling of love.

    13. Have A Great Messaging App

    It is very much required in this kind of relationship. This is important because texting is the most common way of communication. You need a good messaging app on your phones that allow interactions.

    14. Do It The Old Way

    Do something innovative. Like, send your partner a hand-written letter or a hand-made greeting card. These old-fashioned methods always come handy in building love and memories.

    15. Be More Positive

    You and your partner need to be more positive about the relationship. It acts wells in that way. Being positive helps in keeping the relationship on track.

    These are the 15 most common yet forgetful long distance relationship tips. You need to follow these for a better relationship.

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