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Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About The Relationship, In Tough Times

By A Mixed Nerve

None in the world is stress-free and in stressful times, everyone puts blame on the other person. In relationships, we have seen people blaming each other when the relationship goes through the rough phase. But none, ask themselves whether they are at fault or not.

If you think you and your partner are going through a rough phase in the relationship, then you need to know, putting blame on your partner is wrong when you haven't had a look at yourself and where you stand in the relationship. It is necessary to evaluate your contribution to the relationship. Certain questions are formulated for this matter and you need to ask yourself those in order to understand if there is any fault on your part.

These questions help you get a clear view of the relationship and your part in it. All you need to do is ask yourself. Blaming your partner before looking into your soul is wrong and is not justified in any manner. Think about the ways in which you can make the relationship pass through the meteor shower of stress and tough times. That is the only way you can make your relationship better and a place where you can relax mentally.

Let's see the questions that are formulated for you to answer in order to know your position in tough times:

1. Am I Giving My 100%?

You need to ask yourself this question in order to know where you are holding back. You need to figure out if you are giving your 100% or not and where all you are lacking to provide your pillars of strength to support the relationship. It is a must as it showcases the loopholes that you have in yourself when it comes to the relationship.

You may find your relationship struggling and you still think it is your partner's fault. But now is the time to ask yourself, if you are also a reason for the tough times you are facing in the relationship.

This is one of the toughest questions you have to answer. You need to think about things and ask yourself if you have given the relationship your best, if you have put the best of your efforts, and if you have done all you could in the relationship.

We are judgemental people and we judge our partners before we even take a look in the mirror in order to judge ourselves. Life can be easy the way you want it to be and can also be impossible if you don't look into your darker side to reveal it to the light, manipulating and molding into a better version of you.

2. What Do You Love The Most In Your Partner?

When you are facing turbulence in the relationship, rather than focusing on the elements that are making it worse, figure out the positive aspect of your partner. This helps in settling the turbulence even when the weather of the relationship is worse.

Relationships endure a lot of hurdles and many a time there are ups and downs. But if you are constantly thinking about that, then you need to know it is not helping. You need to think in a more positive manner and should be more supportive in your approach to the relationship.

Ask yourself the one thing about your partner that makes you be with them. You might see a thousand negatives but that one positive aspect will be the narrow escape for the tough times you are facing.

Not all humans are the same and neither five fingers, and in order to reveal those five fingers of one person, it a takes a lot of time. These five fingers will contain negativity in many of them. All you need to figure out is the one positive finger and stick with it.

3. Are You Feeling Lost In The Relationship?

At times we feel lonely and left out in the relationship. It occurs with a lot of us. This is cancer for the relationship. If you are in a happy relationship but you still feel lost, lonely, sad and empty, then it is because you never asked yourself, the reasons behind you feeling such.

Feeling lost and lonely can have a lot of reasons. You might be still living in your past, or there is a certain kind of fear that is making you feel this way. Only you will know the answer when you ask yourself the question.

4. Do You Love Yourself?

Unless and until you don't love the way you are, you cannot give the love your partner desires. In order to provide the love your partner wants from you, start loving yourself first. Not loving yourself creates a lot of trouble in the relationship. It becomes difficult for you and your partner.

Tough times arise in the relationship and it becomes one of the main reasons. You need to love who you are and what you do and how you feel and then only you can reciprocate the love your partner shares.

5. Can I Live Without You?

Ask yourself this as this becomes the easiest and the toughest of the questions to answer. You need to know where you stand in the matter of loving your partner. If you love them the way you think you do or is it just a relationship pressure that is making you stay in the relationship.

Are you really in love, can you live without your partner, can you make yourself happy when your partner isn't there anymore, and how hard is it to be away from your partner?

If you love your partner, and you cannot live without them, you can surf through the clouds of troubles that you are facing as tough times in the relationship. Being with each other is enough for you and your partner and this heals and helps a lot of pain and troubles and tough times.

These are certain questions you need to ask yourself when you feel your relationship is facing troubles and tough times. You can make it better or worse. It all depends on you.

Think of it and be cautious and concerned about the relationship not breaking. Make yourself answer these questions with truth and see how it helps you in times of need. It will harvest you the happiness that you seek from the relationship.

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