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    Perks Of Marrying Someone From A Different Culture

    By Shatavisha Chakravorty

    Marriage, they say is the union of two souls. And souls, as we all know, do not understand the division of caste, creed and culture. Hence, it is inevitable that there are times when people fall in love and want to marry someone who is not from the same culture as themselves.

    However, in the past, it was the parents and the families who arranged a couple's marriage. In such a situation, it was ensured that one exchanges vows only with someone who is from the same culture as themselves.

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    With the changing times however people started having a greater say in matters pertaining to their marriage. That is when question regarding marrying someone out of their own culture came into play.

    This question makes all the more sense in case of women, since in most cultures, they are the ones who leave their parental abode post marriage.

    Now, while the previous generations are of the opinion that by marrying someone from the same background as yourself you will have a happier married life, with the present generation that is far from being true.

    This article talks about the various aspects in which you stand to gain by marrying someone who is from a culture that is different from that of your own.


    1. More To Explore

    Every culture has its own set of celebrations and rituals. By marrying someone from a different culture, you will be celebrating twice the number of festivals. You also get access to a whole new range of music and movies. All of this means twice the fun and folly and a merrier life for the both of you.


    2. Best Values To Your Kids

    It is an undeniable fact that every culture has some positives just like it has some negatives. By marrying someone from a different culture, you understand the pros and cons of both the cultures. You then take the good from both of them and come up with a culture that is unique to your family. When this is passed on to your kids, they get the best of both worlds.


    3. Deeper Love And Better Understanding

    If you have not let cultural differences come in the way of your marriage, chances are that you love the person really deeply. Else you would not have mustered the courage to go against the norms of the society which, even today, binds people by the shackles of caste, creed and culture. If you have been able to overcome all of that, it is obvious that you have a very good understanding among yourself as a couple. In situations like this, the bond is seen to stand every test of time.


    4. Broader Mindset

    Every culture has its own perspective about things. By tying the nuptial ties with someone from a different culture, you learn to appreciate their world view about things (which may be different from that of your own). This in turn gives you a wider outlook of life in general and makes you a much better person than what you were.


    5. Less Judgmental

    By marrying someone out of your culture, you learn to appreciate the culture of other people. You stop judging others only because what they believe and follow is different from that of your own. This non-judgmental attitude makes you a much better human being.


    6. Ability To Compromise

    Be it in our personal or professional life, we always have to interact with other people. Often, our views about things will not align with those of others and both the parties will have to arrive at a mutual compromise. Being a part of a mixed cultural marriage, it enhances one's compromising skills which works in ones favour both in their personal as well their professional life.


    7. Access To Newer Food

    Often, it is seen that different cultures have a distinct twist to common dishes. By marrying someone from a different culture, you explore yourself to different spices, vegetables and other modes of cooking. All of this will give your taste buds greater joy.


    8. Cultural Influence Is The Key

    It is an undeniable fact that a person's culture influences his upbringing, which in turn affects his personality. By marrying someone from a different culture, a lifetime may not be enough to get to know the person completely. Every day, you will learn something new about your partner and this in turn will keep up the spark in your relationship and you will never grow old of it.

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    Story first published: Thursday, January 11, 2018, 15:50 [IST]
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