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    Love Story: Love That Knows No Age

    By Lekhaka

    It is a natural human tendency to look for love amidst the premises of one's own caste and creed. This is exactly what has been going on for centuries. These days when the division of society has ceased to be one that is based on caste and religion to that of educational and financial differences, our taste in selecting an appropriate bride or groom for members of our family is also in for a change.

    In the recent times it is customary that people look for marriage proposals within their profession. That is why we often see doctors marrying fellow doctors, solders marrying within their cantonment and so on.

    love story

    However love is something that cannot be defined. The day it has to happen, it will happen. Just like nobody can force the occurrence of love before its stipulated time, on a similar note one cannot stop the flow of love at a time when it is meant to be. This was exactly what happened in the case of Dr. Simran Agarwal and Mr. Anil Kumar.


    The Careerist Simran

    Dr. Simran Agarwal was one of the most renowned gynaecologists of Indore. Well into her 30's she was someone whose primary focus was her career. After her graduation she had set up her own nursing home in the city which was now one of the most flourishing ones in town.


    The Carefree Anil

    Anil was a happy-go-lucky type of person. Following his graduation in mass communication, this 26 year old was working with a Delhi-based news agency. He was working on deputation in his hometown of Indore.


    Met By Chance

    Anil's elder sister was due with her first child. It was a matter of fate that Dr. Simran Agarwal was her gynaecologist and it was at the very unromantic setup of a maternity nursing home that Anil and Simran met for the first time. Ever since their first meeting there was a certain spark among the duo. It was this spark that led them to come up with excuses to catch up with each other.


    Love Is In The Air

    Soon these meetings became more and more frequent and the couple ended up meeting each other every alternate day. It was these frequent meetings that fostered love within the couple but they were yet to realize that.


    The Separation

    After almost a year of dating, Anil was appointed to cover the Commonwealth Games that were scheduled to be held in Delhi. This meant that he had to be away from Simran for months at end. It was during this period of separation that the couple got to know about their feelings for each other. Anil proposed Simran over Skype and the two got committed into a relationship that was designated to sail through the tides of age, profession and culture.


    As The News Spread

    Being popular had its own cons and Dr. Simran Agarwal was well acquainted with all of it. Hence, when she started dating a guy who was 8 years younger to her and was professionally not as sound as herself, the news started spreading like wild fire. In fact, in addition to the actual facts a lot of other rumours surrounding the couple also started to do the rounds.


    The Un-acceptance

    When news of their daughter's relationship with Anil reached the ears of Simran's parents, they were in for a rude shock. Little had they expected their nerdy daughter to fall in love with someone less qualified than herself. Most of all, Anil was not an eligible bachelor in their eyes. Simran's brothers-in-law were all well off professionally and her parents expected the same from the guy she would marry.


    A Ray Of Hope

    At such a critical time like this, the only support that the couple got was from that of Anil's family. They wholeheartedly welcomed Simran to their place and made her feel at home. In fact, it was their idea that the couple should go for a registry marriage in the court.


    The Journey Thereon

    Following their marriage in the court, they started living with Anil's parents in their place. Today, ten years down the line, Anil is the sub editor of the news agency he worked for. Simran's nursing home is doing better than ever before. The couple is blessed with an 8 year old angel, Siunaina. Indeed, Anil and Simran's love story is an angelic one.

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    Story first published: Thursday, January 18, 2018, 16:23 [IST]
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