Love Story: When Love Comes As A Request

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

The Hindi film industry has been the one that has always glorified the art of stalking. We often see heroes stalking the heroines in movies.

However, that is not what happens in real life. In today's world, boys from respectable households would not stalk their girls in bus stands and cinema halls.

This is not just disrespectful but also demands a lot of perseverance. The fact that this sort of perseverance may not bear fruit and may even result in public humiliation is something that stops them from making such advances.

Now, being devoid of the hero-like superpower of movie heroes, today's youth population has opted for a more modern version of this stalking. This form of stalking, often known as digital stalking, happens over social media websites.

Love Story That Comes As A Request

However, the silver lining here is the fact that more often than not, the initial stalking that happens over these social media sites leads to true love stories that survive all the trials and turbulences of the real world to emerge successful.

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So, read on to know more about the story of Jyoti and Nishanth and the role a leading social media site played in the same.


A Humble Beginning

It was in the year 2008 and cyber cafes in India were becoming more and more popular by the day. It was on a lazy afternoon of his third semester break from college that Nishanth and his friends decided to open an account on a social media site, something that was the talk of the town back then.
With the profile being created, the next big thing was adding pictures and other details. All of it was carried out meticulously with a lot of precision.


The Request

It was during a casual browsing on a lazy summer afternoon that Jyoti's profile popped up in Nishanth's friend suggestion. There was something about this girl that attracted him.
Unlike most other girls who would post fancy pictures with a lot of filters, hers was a simple picture with a smile and two identical dimples on either ends. He just could not get the image off his head.
But it was against Nishanth's personal ethics to send out a friend request abruptly. Hence, what he did was send Jyoti a message asking if she was okay with him sending her a request.


Something That Stands Apart From The Rest

Having a petite structure with a cute smile, Jyoti had a lot of followers in the digital world. Thus, receiving a friend request from an unknown boy would not have been anything new for her.
However, for a boy to have the decency to send her a message before sending an actual request was something that caught her attention. She was impressed by Nishanth and more than happy to comply to his request.

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As Love Blossomed

What started off as a mere exchange of friend requests soon sealed itself into a lasting friendship. The friendship soon converted to love and the couple would spend more and more virtual time with each other.
This in turn made them fall for each other and both of them ultimately confessed the same. It had been two years since they had been chatting and they were yet to meet each other.


The Shock That Followed

When Nishanth and Jyoti told about their relationship to their closest of friends, the news was not well received, to say the least. Everyone started telling them that the other person in the relationship was cheating and that it was mere infatuation on their part. But Nishanth and Jyothi knew that this was anything but that.


When They Finally Met

On 13th April, 2011, Jyoti and Nishanth finally met each other in a posh restaurant in Bangalore. Whatever doubts their virtual relationship had harbored over the years was cleared in that very first physical meeting.

At that point, the couple was surer than ever before about the foundation of their relationship and wanted to take it to the next level.


Family Displeasure

For a relationship that was not even accepted by friends, it would have been too far flung to expect support from the family. Both the sets of parents were immensely dissatisfied with the idea of their love and outrightly rejected the concept of marriage between Jyoti and Nishanth.


New Hurdles On The Way

Jyoti's parents were so unsatisfied with this entire idea that they started looking for grooms for her. In less than a month, they had settled her marriage with Aniketh, a software engineer in a reputed firm in Bangalore.


Surmounting Them All

All of these sudden happenings left the couple with very little choice. Nishanth knew that if he had to make Jyoti his own, it had to be now or never. May be it was the fear of losing the love of his life that gave Nishanth the immense courage of eloping with her.


Settling The Legal Part

Following the escaping from home part, the couple got married in the court as per the Hindu Marriage Act. Since both of them were adult citizens of the republic of India, there was very little that their families could do to be able to prevent the same.


The Scared Journey Of Married Life

Today, over five years since that day, the couple is living happily in their apartment in Mumbai. They are blessed with a three-year-old son, Aryan. The day he comes of age, the couple intends to tell him the role of social media in their family life. Till then, and may be later too, it is a story of marital bliss for this cute family.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 19:22 [IST]
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