Love Story: Love Knows No Professional Ethics

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

Most of us have some personal beliefs and ideologies. Most of our beliefs are influenced by our religion, culture or social expectations. As well-cultured and well-educated human beings, what we do is read up or learn about what is expected of us and then see if it complies to what we want of ourselves.

If it does, we incorporate the same. It is in fact these personal believes that set us above all lower animals.

love story

However, the fact remains that it is not always possible to accommodate love in all our calculated plans. Love is something that will happen when it has to.

Read on to know about how Cupid's arrow struck the young and dynamic professor of Physics, Abhav Tandon and made him compromise on his professional ethics in order to be bound in a lifetime of togetherness.

Maybe that is what might happen to many of us too. We only have to wait till we meet our Shraddha.


The One Who Possessed Knowledge

Abhav was a postgraduate in Physics. Since his early childhood, all that he ever wanted to be was a professor. That is why as soon as the results of his MSc were out; the first thing that he did was to look around the nearby colleges for faculty vacancies. It was in this way that he ended up as an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Physics in the Lady Broubone College for Women.


The Seeker Of Knowledge

Sharddha was one bright girl. On securing 86% in PCM, her parents wanted her to take up the national profession of engineering. However, this bubbly young girl wanted to be a scientist. That is how she ended up taking Physics honors in one of the most prestigious institutions of the city.


Standing Out In A Crowd

Every semester when a fresh batch of students enters the premises of the institution, it is a general tendency of the girls to reach the classroom before time and take up one of the first benches. In such a scenario, Shraddha came late to the first class. After seeking permission from Abhav, she walked to the last bench and comfortably settled in there.


The Bright Spark

Now for that stand apart last bencher, Abhav did not have much of an expectation. That is why he was surprised to see her top the first internal test. This went on and considering the fact that Abhav always had a soft corner for people who excelled in studies, it was evident that he was getting attracted to this beauty with brains.


The Denial

The ‘man of principles' Abhav Tandon was well aware that falling for a student of his was against his professional ethics. But there was little that he could do to help. The fact that Shraddha would approach him every day after classes with some or the other doubt was not helping him in any way either.


The Other Side Of The Story

For the fresh out of school Shraddha, all the other lecturers seemed old and boring. She did not fit in very well in her friend circle as well. As she was not as ‘girly' as the others, she was not welcome there. Shraddha did not feel bad about it. In fact, none of them appealed to her at all. The only person whose company she enjoyed was that of her professor, Mr. Abhav Tandon. That is why she would always be in the lookout for more and more opportunities to meet him.


The Realization

As this went on, it soon fell into the public eyes that Shraddha was always trying to catch up with Abhav. This led to Shraddha being teased about the same. Although she initially denied the same, after a couple of months Shraddha realized that her peers were indeed correct and she was actually in love with her professor.


The Next Step

Upon realizing that she was in love, the bubbly Shraddha was not the one to keep quiet. After all, she had always been an outspoken girl. That is why after her one evening, she calmly walked up to Abhav and told him about her feelings for him.


The Reaction That Followed

For the boys school educated Abhav, it was unfathomable that a girl would ask a guy out. At the same time, he could not deny his feelings for Shraddha. Being confused as ever, all he could do was to ask for some more time to make a decision. The poor Shraddha had no option but to comply. We can only imagine how difficult this wait must have been for the poor girl.


The Final Agreement

Abhav was due to tell his decision to Shraddha exactly three weeks after the proposal. By the second week, he knew what he wanted. Hence, when the time came, this shy Hindi-medium educated lad had no hesitation at all in conveying his commitment. That was the best day in both their lives, for it herealed the start of a lifetime of togetherness.


The Journey Thereon

Today, it has been five years since the couple has been together. Shraddha is now pursuing her post-doctoral research in Nuclear Physics. Abhav has had a promotion and is now an Assistant Professor. The couple has brought out their relationship to their respective families. Luckily for them, both sets of families are more than happy with the match and in less than a year, they are set to be bound in the bonds of holy matrimony. Here's wishing the lovely couple a very happy married life ahead.

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    Story first published: Friday, January 19, 2018, 16:20 [IST]
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