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    Long Distance Relationship; Quotes That Make Your Lover Happy

    I am missing my partner. Are you too? We all do when we are in a relationship. We crave for them to be with us each passing moment. We know it is not possible practically. But we do linger in the thoughts of having them with us all the time. Love makes us have wonderful illusions in our minds related to our lover and the relationship. Like in every relationship, couples dream a lot, in a long distance relationship couples dream too, but to meet each other as soon as they can.

    Long distance relationships can be hard to deal with it. But to work it out, you and your partner give each other’s best to the relationship. The thoughts of love just pour into my mind as I’m writing this article. Every time I connect with someone who is also in a long distance relationship, I ask them about how they keep up with each other.

    Most of them talk about video calls, or messages, or love letters, etc. There was one person who had told me, love is about giving, so I give my boyfriend quotes. Every day I make new quotes for him. I used to do it so much that he has started doing the same. We connect with quotes and that is our way of keeping up with the relationship.

    long distance relationship

    Don’t You Think It Is A Brilliant Idea?

    I think it is. The thought of thinking something about your partner and then pouring it int words as a quote makes you fall in love with the partner every time. So, I started doing the same and my girl was like, “how come you have become so romantic?”. Well, you can do the same.

    I know it is hard to think of quotes, form them in a magical way for your partner and then send it to them. What you can do is take the available quotes that relate to you and send them. It is okay to do that. Not everyone is a poet by passion. We all beg, borrow and steal.

    To ease your pain further, I have written some of the most related quotes that every couple in a long distance relationship relate to. Have a look and send them away to your partner making a mark in their memory every morning and night. Let them fall in love with your day and night and every day.

    Quotes That Make Your Lover Happy

    1. It is true we don’t have it as easy as ordinary couples. But this is no ordinary love. Trust me.

    2. I wish I was kissing you rather than missing you.

    3. I hope time travels faster when you are away and time travels the slowest when you are right next to me.

    4. I wish you to be right here folding your hands around me and placing your kisses on my lips as we fold and unfold ourselves till dawn sees us.

    5. I can’t wait to see you this fall. I know it is hard for you too. I need you to know this wait is not forever but for a limited time. I will be with you in no time. I love you to the moon and back.

    6. There is nothing pure than you and your love. I have your love. All I need is you.

    7. Distance is a test to see our love travelling. Hold on to me!

    8. Distance means so little when you mean the world to me.

    9. Let’s not give up on each other. This is our love and let’s build our house on it.

    10. They have got flights, trains and cars to meet their lover. If I have none I would still walk the distance to be with you. Just don’t give up on me, ever.

    11. Life couldn’t be any better than seeing you smile over the quotes I’m sending.

    12. I sit by the window to see the birds flying away with my love to deliver it to you.

    13. One day the plane ticket will only be one way.

    14. Distance can’t stop what’s meant to be. You and I will be the forever.

    15. Sit beside the window and hear the birds chirping. They are speaking about my love for you.

    16. Meet me when the time is right, not through the phones, but in reality. I need to hold you this time and never let you go.

    17. The love you have given speaks a lot about the lover I have. I miss you.

    18. The only way you and I will be together is by making our world a place without distance.

    19. Let me have your love till the eternity slips away and time fades too.

    20. Love me in moments where each second is a thought about me.

    These 20 quotes will help you keep up the love between you and your partner in the long distance relationship. For more of these quotes, you need to wait. Till then try making new quotes by mixing words to build a love in the form of a sentence.

    If you liked reading the article, let me know with your feedback below in the comment section. If you have any issues related to long distance relationship and it is troubling you, write to us at


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