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Long Distance Relationship; 12 Months And 6 Letters For Your Lover

12 months and 6 letters for your lover is an idea of making love blossom even when the cancerous distance separates a couple. Long distance relationships are hard for people and we all know it. It takes a lot of dedication for lovers to stay together in a long distance relationship. Relationships are like a mirror, once broken, cannot be repaired. Keeping a relationship intact for long is an art. It takes a lot of perseverance from you and your partner to keep up the relationship working; and if there comes a single crack in the relationship, it breaks down to pieces.

In long distance relationships, longing becomes a burning desire. Long distance relationships break because of loss of commitment and love. If you want your long distance relationship to last, you need to become more creative with your partner. There are many ways of making your partner feel loved in the relationship.

12 months 6 letters for your lover is an idea of writing letters to your partner every month. This will make you monotonous if you write the same missing and loving part. What else can you write in the letter? This article will give you the ideas of writing various letters but not being monotonous in any of them.

12 Months And 6 Letters For Your Lover:

1. Letter Of Meetings

Remembering memories is one thing and expressing them in words is another. You can pour down your memory about how you and your partner had met and how your relationship had begun. Express how it came out to be a happy relationship and when you both had to separate, how the separation made you fall in love with each other through memories and virtual connections. The long distance relationship is all about the timeline of memories that you and your partner share even when distant from each other. Express how much you feel for them, your longing to make those meetings live again and how much you want to rejoice your time when it is with your lover.

2. Letter Of Kisses

Talk about the first kiss. How it happened and how it was followed by the million more kisses that you and your partner have exchanged. Talk about the places where it happened and the memories associated with it. Remember while writing a letter, you should keep in mind that your partner needs to feel the vibe that you are trying to portray.

3. Letter Of Trips

Write to your partner how the past trips keep flashing back in your memories. Express your need to plan a trip together. Talk about the monotonous routine life you are currently leading. Write about the memories associated with the trips and how you both had skipped days of food to save money for the last trip.

4. Letter Of Throwback

One thing is for certain. Every letter reminds you and your partner about past memories of togetherness. So write a letter of a throwback. Mention the moments you get reminded, every time you look into the timeline of the photo albums.

5. Letter Speaking About Togetherness

Mention the need of being together and how much you crave to see each other under one shed. Write about the love you have for each other. Write about the numerous nights when memories have made you crave to be together. Mention how much hard it is for you to be waiting and how much you want to end the distance between the relationship.

6. Letter Of Future

Talk about the future you plan for the both of you. Talk about the ideas you have and mention in the letter what you desire and your plans about the relationship. Express yourself and your needs to your partner.

These are 6 letters you can write to your partner. You can certainly think of more creative ways to write your letter. If you have your own concept regarding your relationship, express it in the letter.


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