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    Is Your Boyfriend Cheating On You, But Why?

    As the years pass on, a lot of changes are being noted in the social scene. One notable change in this regard is the wider acceptance of relationships. Till a generation ago it was unfathomable that guys and girls of decent households will date each other.

    Living in together before marriage was a strict 'no-no'. These days the situation is different. With a number of stay in options available for people of opposite sex to live together, it is easier than ever before to get into a relationship.

    Is your boyfriend cheating on you but why

    However, the other side of the story is that it is equally easy for a person to get moved by all that temptation and get attracted to some other person despite having a boyfriend or girlfriend of their own. This is all the way truer in the case of guys who, more often than not, get attracted to other women.

    The sad part of the story is that very often the girl who is in a relationship does not even realize that her boyfriend is cheating on her. This makes matters all the way more difficult for her and eventually when she does comes in terms with the same, adjusting to it is a situation not many girls are able to deal with.

    While this is not a situation that any girl would want to go through, to make matters bearable the least that one can do is be alert and realize when and why their boyfriend is cheating on them.

    Here is a list of a few points that will help you know when things in your relationship are not going in the direction where they ideally should and to understand why he is cheating on you.


    You Run Out Of Topics To Talk

    Lately, you might have noticed that there are only a handful of topics on which the two of you can converse on. Initially, at the beginning of the relationship this might have seemed enough, but with the passing days there is very little that you can speak on the same topics. This will make your boyfriend get bored and avoid conversing with you. The lack of communication will prompt him to cheat on you.


    You Are No Longer What You Were

    Now this might not always be a bad thing. As maturity seeps in, more often than not, we end up changing as a person. This change varies from person to person. In fact very often it is seen that this change is not even physical. That sort of mental and emotional change is common and it is well acceptable at the social level.

    However, this does not necessarily mean that a person who loved you for who you were earlier will continue loving you. There might be aspects of your newly formed character which might prompt him to cheat on you.


    Career Priorities

    This is again something that can happen either ways. It may so happen that you get so engrossed in your career that you totally forget about his existence. On a similar note, he may also get so busy in his professional life that it may prompt him to cheat on you. Another scenario where career can come in the way of relationship making him cheat on you is when one person has progressed in his or her career way more than his or her partner. (Especially if it is you, it might hurt his male ego which in turn will prompt him to cheat on you).


    Commitment Phobia

    Very often it is seen that guys tend to enjoy the scene when things are all good. The moment things take a turn for the worse, they tend to run away. So in case he has figured out that his family will not approve of you or vice versa, it might make him begin to cheat on you. This has got nothing to do with you on a personal level. It is just his inherent fear of commitment and the responsibilities that come with it that is making him do this.


    You Have Lost Your Physical Attractiveness

    Chances are that as you age your skin and body loses its firmness. It might also be the case wherein you have gained or lost a significant amount of weight (or due to some other reason your body structure was set for a change). There are many guys who do not like this. If your man was attracted to you solely because of this, chances are at this point he may start losing his interest on you and begin on a journey of cheating on you.


    When Distance Seeps In

    The situation may be such that when you began your relationship, the two of you were in the same town and city. As the relationship progressed, either (or both) of you had to move out to different cities. This puts your relationship under a lot of pressure and not every couple is able to deal with the same. It is in situations like this that the guy is often seen to cheat on his partner (who more often than not has absolutely no clue of the same).


    Your Boyfriend Was A Catch

    This is the situation wherein you are well aware that you are not good enough as compared to your boyfriend. The fact that he is dating you is like a dream come true. In situations like this, where you know that your partner has made a lot of compromises to be with you; chances are that he will not be there forever. He was with you because of some compulsion on his part and the day he is over the same, he will start cheating on you and looking for better girls. In situations like this you, as a girlfriend, need to be alert all the time.


    He Has Always Been A Playboy

    As rude as this sounds, the fact is that people who have a past history of cheating on others tend to do it with their current partners as well. Thus if you know that your boyfriend has dumped 6-7 of his exes, chances are that he will do the same to you. In situations like this, you need to be all the way more careful.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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