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Ice-Breaker Questions For Having A Conversation With Your Girl

By Soham

Be it a romantic ride date or a starry night roof-top date, or a cozy candle-light dinner date, remember breaking the ice and starting to have a proper conversation is a way to make your date feel comfortable. The awkward silence never helps in dates.

The first date is very romantic and fun but the one thing that can really mess things up is the need for small talk.

To ease your trouble of thinking what to talk and what not to, there's a list of conversation starters that you can apply in order to save yourself from this humiliation.

So, let's go through all the conversation starters that would help you have a conversation with your girl.

1. How Was Your Day?

A very subtle way to start a conversation and this never falls short of its glory to become the number one conversation starter. Giving multiple ways to go from a single question, this question is a must if you really want to ease your trouble.

This is another way of letting you inside her thoughts, getting to know more of what she feels about her day.

2. Tell Me Your Pet-Name, If You Have Any.

This is a trouble-free statement where you can start a conversation with a note of humor. Pet names are generally the names we adore being called or, at times, feel disgusted about. This is a sure-shot fun conversation starter for you to start with. Ask her the story behind the pet name.

3. Tell Me About Your Last Weekend. How Did It Go?

Ask her if her last weekend was fun or not. This way you will get to know her aspiration for the date. It is an easy method to understand a girl and her expectation from the date. Plus, you get to know how was her last weekend.

4. Do You Have Any Pets?

Ask her about her pets if she has any. Talk about them. Girls love talking about their pets. They are very connected to their pets. This becomes a genuine conversation starter for you to know her deeper.

5. Who Is Your Best Friend?

Bring it up casually, and get to know the kind of people your partner hangs out with. If things go well, and you get to meet the said best friend, this moment can be a great conversation starter with them.

6. Describe Yourself In A Song Title.

This is a fun conversation starter where you can be direct with her and ask her about the song title that would best describe her. This would give you an insight of how she is.

7. Who In Your Life Brings You The Most Joy?

This is a pretty subtle way to know who is the closest to her and from where she derives happiness. This would give rise to the following questions, what makes that person so close to you? etc.

You can add more questions to follow up from here.

8. Do You Like Traveling To The Mountains Or Towards The Beaches?

This way, you will know what she likes more, beaches or mountains. You can continue with this topic and go on talking about how beautiful you think either of them is and the ways you can connect with them.

9. Do You Consider Yourself A Morning Person Or A Night Owl?

Ask her what kind of a person she is. Remember to ask her the story behind it, "Why she became a morning or a night person?".

10. Ask Her About Her Dreams.

A very sweet gesture to know what she aspires and this puts you in the front of her interests.

Ask her about her goals, her achievements, her passions, things that matter to her. This way you are certain of breaking the ice between you two and this will help you gather more things to know about her before you proceed further.

Make your questions interesting or put forward statements where she will give her views and this way you know you are getting along well with her more comfortably than you had thought earlier.

So, make sure to put your best foot forward and don't ask questions for the sake of asking, as this becomes a turn-off for girls and they hate it. Make sure they understand that you are genuinely asking them about their desires, and the questions that you put forward are coming from your heart.

Hence, try these conversation starters the next time to have a proper conversation.

Story first published: Monday, April 2, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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