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    How To Give Enough Space In A Relationship?

    By Tanya
    प्यार रखना हैं बरकरार तो ना करें ये हदें पार | Boundaries in every Relationship | Boldsky

    Personal space is known to be the most important element in a relationship. If your partner is craving for a personal space, then you need to buckle up and make your relationship game really strong.

    Space doesn't mean you will cheat, lie or do something unacceptable in the name of space. Space is something which you have to respect for your partner, for a healthy relationship.

    space in a relationship

    You can follow these 10 simple ways to provide as well as demand enough space for/from your partner for a healthy relationship.

    How To Give Enough Space In A Relationship

    Friend circle

    It's okay if your partner goes out with his/her friend's circle. Do not taunt, prompt and fight if your partner goes out with their friends. They will start lying to you and go out with other friends. I guess you also won't like it when he/she will keep on calling or texting you and embarrassing you in front of your friends. So, think the same for them too.

    Bombarding The Inbox

    Do not bombard their inbox with clingy texts and missed calls. The other person might be really busy and if they love you enough, they will definitely reply to your texts and calls. If you will be clingy and keep on texting and calling them, then they will lose their interest big time.

    Ask As Fewer Questions As You Can

    Yes! You read it right. Ask less questions as you can regarding where did they go, what did they eat, how did they pee, how did they poop, etc. If enough space is given, they will automatically tell you everything that they have been up to. Don't make them uncomfortable and feel suffocated with your questions.

    Don't Tag Yourself Along

    Let your partner enjoy a date, movie, dinner, etc., all alone by themselves. You can also try the same thing for yourself. Nobody can make you happy as you can by yourself. So, it is always advisable to not tag yourself along. It can be a hindrance to their personal comfort.

    Checking The Phones

    That's the worst habit a partner can form. No matter how long you have been dating, but checking phones, keeping an eye on each other's messages, calls, etc., is just not acceptable. Do not keep on peeping from above and interrogating on who's call is that, whose text is that, blah blah.

    Sharing Passwords

    Kindly do not ask for social media passwords. Please trust your partner for once and then see how it works. If your partner's any of the social media accounts are logged in, be a good boyfriend/girlfriend and log it out before being a nagging partner and intimidating in their Inbox. Social media is definitely a personal space and really doesn't mean that they are hiding something or cheating on you. So, it is advisable to leave their social media alone. You keep on commenting and make the whole world know that you are their partner, nobody is stopping you! But for god's sake, leave their social media alone.

    Definition Of Privacy

    Privacy doesn't mean that your partner is hiding something or doesn't share that level of love that he/she cannot tell you everything. Privacy means the space where we breathe, some fresh air needs to be created between you both. Nobody will ever be happy in a suffocating relationship and it's high time that you should understand a proper meaning of privacy. Of course, your partner loves you and tells you everything but that doesn't mean that they do not have a life apart from you. They also have family and friends, there must be some things related to their friends and family that they don't want to talk about to you just the way you cannot tell all the private and personal stuff related to your friends and family. So, please respect their privacy and save your happy relationship.

    Be A Friend First

    Be the home that he/she wants to come back to and not a burden that they don't want to face. Try to be your partner's best friend first. Make them feel like they can easily tell you everything and anything. Make them feel like even if they say that they found a girl/ boy attractive, you don't get fussy and angry. Rather, have fun with them making them talk comfortably.

    Imposing Decisions

    You are no one to take decisions on the behalf of your better half. Let them decide their own things, let them decide what do they want to eat, dress, cook, where do they wanna go, etc. Continuously imposing decisions will make you a dominating partner and you will be left with nothing. It is better that you let them decide on what do they want.

    Social Embarrassment

    Please don't be a social embarrassment for your partner. PDAs are the most embarrassing thing for everyone when you are socializing along with your partner and with other friends. Please give enough space to each other and enjoy with everyone when you have come there for socializing. That can be embarrassing for both of you, as people will start feeling uncomfortable. Do not start to create a scene when your partner talks to anyone else. They are human beings and social animals. So, there's no big deal even if they talk to someone else at a party or anything.

    Please follow the points mentioned above, rather than making it difficult for your partner to drag the relationship, make it a relationship worth saving.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 20:30 [IST]
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