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    How Does It Feel For A Woman To Love Another Woman

    By Tanya Ruia

    In India, when it is still not legalized, lesbians do exist. Homosexuality is still not accepted in our society. But, who has a control over their own heart?

    We are nobody to judge anybody's sexuality and sexual choices. Everyone has the freedom to choose their partners, no matter whether it is a girl or a boy.

    love another woman

    We have often heard and been fascinated by gay couples and some people do appreciate them. But, how often do lesbian couples get accepted in our society? I guess, most of the times, they are considered to be immoral, as if they have done some heinous crime.

    But, I guess for a girl to love another girl is a whole new world of new experiences. As we all know, two girls can never be friends or sisters, imagine for a woman to love another woman, and how difficult that would be.

    A lesbian relationship is way too different than a straight relationship. It is a whole new world of experiences and everyday struggle. At the same time, it comes with a lot of perks too.

    Let's see the points mentioned below on how it feels for a woman to love another woman and what are the perks of it:

    You Find Your BFF:

    Yes, your lesbian partner is your new-found BFF with whom you can be however you'd want to be. Finding a best friend forever is a very tough task. But, your lesbian partner plays the same role very well. You both are so comfortable with each other that you don't mind sharing anything at all. After all, they are your lesbian partner.

    Wardrobe Gets Doubled:

    A great perk of having a lesbian partner is that your wardrobe gets doubled and it is so much fun to share each other's clothes. You do not have to spend much money on buying new clothes and also do not have to waste time in thinking what to wear every day. You will have a completely new collection of clothes and a whole new wardrobe. What could be better than this for any girl?

    A Lot Of Dressing Up:

    When two girls get together, a lot of dressing up takes place. Always dolled and decked up, trying out new clothes and makeup, dressing each other up and then dressing them down. It all becomes so much fun with the lesbian partner. Your lesbian partner will always make sure that you look all pretty and sassy and everyone appreciates you as their partner. They will never envy you for your better dressing.

    Periods and PMSing Become Bearable:

    A girl can only understand a girl's pain better. Trust me, a guy partner won't understand your period's pain and PMS better than a lesbian partner. They know very well about how you are feeling and what pain you are going through. They will pamper you more, cook for you, get desserts and chocolate, remove your body ache, etc. A lesbian partner makes sure that you feel the best even while you are in your periods and PMSing. They understand your pain and can feel it too.

    Too Much Of Cooking:

    Yes, what could be better than having a lesbian partner and eating the whole day? A lesbian partner will always cook and help you cook. Not stereotyping, but girls are supposed to be more fond of the kitchen and cooking and are expected also to do so. But, it is so much fun to keep on trying new skills for cooking and trying out new dishes. Every day is going to be so much of a foodie day.

    Easy To Hide From Parents:

    Where parents keep on suspecting you to have a boyfriend, you can always make it clear to them that you don't need any guy when you have already found your soulmate. Parents will never have a problem for their daughter to have any other woman close to her.

    Rather, they will appreciate it. They will accept her as your best friend and will always let her sneak into your house, be it in your own bedroom and even sleep with you. It is very easy to take your lesbian partner in front of your parents.

    Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

    Yes, you can always tease up some hot and good boys by telling them that you two are lesbians. Why should boys have all the fun all alone? They should also get to know how much fun it is to have lesbian partners. You can always gang up against some shitty guys who have tried to flirt with you or harm you.

    Sadly, lesbians are not easily accepted by the society and face a lot of problems too. They are all human beings and should be accepted the way they are. It is not a disease, it a feeling and mutual consent between two matured people.

    Anyway, it is an amazing feeling to be in love, no matter what the sexuality of the lover is. So, keep spreading love and enjoying your relationship.

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